How To Work Less & Earn More... Explained!

When you’re your own boss, you have at least some degree of control over your schedule and working hours.

You might not feel like you have a lot of options, because, after all, customers have to be served, emails have to be answered, social media has to be kept up to date, and bills have to be paid…

But, ultimately, you do have control.

Nobody’s going to fire you if you figure out how to get your entire to-do list done in half the time every week.

And that’s exactly what this show is about: getting it all done in way less time.

In fact Work Less, Earn More is about accomplishing more in way less time.

This podcast is about getting the most out of every hour you work–so that you can work less, and earn more. We’re going to help you finally balance your time budget and be able to “afford” the time to prioritize what’s truly important to you.

Feel like “it’s not possible” or it sounds “too good to be true”?

Then pull out your favorite listening device and give Work Less, Earn More a listen.


  • What the Work Less, Earn More lifestyle is all about and how it can impact the level of stress you feel on a daily basis
  • Why the conventional 40-hour workweek doesn’t have to apply to you and why I’ve chosen to run my business in just 20 hours per week
  • How more time doesn’t automatically equate to more production or income
  • Why I don’t think everyone should strive to run their business in 20 hrs/week
  • And what you can expect from future episodes
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