EP 03: Building a Business that Allows Space for Living With Lilah Higgins

I’m not the only one who runs a successful business in less than full time. Every month, I’ll share a conversation with another business owner who is prioritizing working less and earning more.

We’ll get into the choices they’ve made, the tools they use, and how they organize their businesses to maximize profit and minimize effort.

Today, I’m bringing on my friend Lilah Higgins to share with us a little bit about how she runs her businesses in about 20 hours per week.

Lilah is the co-founder of TheForge, a leadership training community for faith-driven business owners, along with her husband, Zac.

Lilah is also a leader in the online business space where she uses her fine art training and strategic mind to work with her clients and students to create cohesive and effective brands, helping them find the confidence they need to become industry leaders.

And she does all that while being a great mom to her two little kids. 

Lilah definitely needs to save time wherever she can…

…especially now that’s she’s shifting her business to prioritize more fun in her life.

Lilah is a perfect case study for how you can strategically run your business in fewer hours, achieve real “success”, and meet your goals without compromising your values.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How Lilah knew she was working too much and what she did to cut back on working time so she could prioritize life time
  • How and why Lilah’s making a conscious effort to spend more time on purely fun activities
  • How Lilah transitioned from working with 1-on-1 clients to selling digital products… and the impact that had on the number of hours she works per week 
  • Why Lilah works “on the margins” and how the time she spends working breaks down between clients and products
  • Her favorite tool for helping her company earn more with less effort


    Sean McMullin

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