Easy Evergreen Sales Funnels That MAKE SENSE and MAKE MONEY with Mariah Coz

I am quite fond of my membership site because of the recurring monthly revenue that it produces for my business – as I shared with you last week. But what if I told you that it's possible to generate recurring revenue with courses as well?

This is the power of selling with an evergreen funnel.

And I’m excited to have today’s guest share her brilliant strategy for building hyper-effective evergreen funnels that aren't super complicated.

Mariah Coz is an expert at evergreen sales systems. She is someone who I have followed for a long time and consider a virtual mentor.

She’s been creating and selling online courses, building webinars, and crafting funnels for years. In that time, her company has helped hundreds of people create and sell courses about everything from watercolor painting, programming, decluttering, football, and everything in between.

She is a veteran course creator and a marketing genius. She has a no-BS style and creates insanely high converting webinars, funnels, and launches for herself and her clients using cutting edge, innovative strategies that no one else is teaching.



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