Stress-Free Success Using Intuitive Execution With Megan Minns

As a planner and very detail-oriented person, I tend to create extensive strategic plans for all sorts of things, vacations, daily routines, product launches, and hiring processes to name a few.

But sometimes I find that I run into a bit of a problem: my plans don't always work out.

Sometimes it’s because I chose the wrong tactics, but other times the plans themselves are fine except that they don’t get carried out because of how overwhelmingly detailed I have made them.

Because of this, I have learned to sometimes go with the flow, trust my intuition, and let go of expectations and just see how things work out.

Of course, this approach can be taken too far as well. Take hiring a new team member. On the one hand, if the process is overly structured, then it can wind up being overly bureaucratic–wasting a lot of time and energy and financial resources trying to discern who would be right for the job.

But this can swing too far the other way, as well. Going into the hiring process with absolutely no structure can have the consequence of hiring the wrong person and wasting tons of time and money.

We need to find a balance between structured strategic plans and simply flying by the seat of our pants. Especially if we want to intentionally build online businesses that meet our goals.

My guest today is Megan Minns, an expert at navigating this challenging situation and finding the balance between going with the flow and having the strategic structure needed to lead us directly to the results that we want.

Megan Minns is a productivity coach for ambitious women. She's the creator of Intuitive Execution, as well as the host of the Productive Life Podcast where she shares actionable advice on productivity, business, goal setting, and mindset. Megan has been featured in IncBusiness Insider, and One Woman Shop, and I'm excited to have her on the show.



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