EP 09: Six-Figures: 6 Things We Did That Took Us Past The Mark

My online business efforts haven’t always been a success.

But some key choices helped me go from earning squat-diddly to six figures in gross revenue in just 12 months.

First, some back story.

Three years ago, I was supporting my family by working 30-50 hours a week running a local music school and I knew that I needed to do something different.

I wanted to start an online business where I could work when I wanted to work, travel when I wanted to travel, spend time with my kids, and actually make some real money.

I dabbled in different niches and experimented with business ideas for a few years. I was looking for a business idea that would give me the flexibility and freedom that I was looking for.

But nothing was really sticking and nothing was really earning any money.

And, on top of all the hours that I was already working at my “day job,” I was spending another 15-30 hours working on my online business and researching what the missing ingredient was.

After a lot of trial and error, things finally started to click into place. I settled on the business that fascinated me the most––digital marketing courses and services––and set out to become an expert.

Today, I am going to break down the six things I changed to take my business past the six-figure mark.

As you’ll see, it wasn’t just six new things I started doing. Some of these things were simple decisions I made and others were things I stopped doing.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What I was spending my time on when I wasn’t earning anything
  • The very counterintuitive thing I stopped doing that increased my income
  • Who I hired to help me grow my business
  • And the market research everyone skips and how once you understand this you never will again


    Sean McMullin

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