On this page, you'll find everything you need to earn passive income by sharing $100K Mastermind with your audience. 

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1. Register as an affiliate by clicking this link: REGISTER 

2. Refer your audience to:

Make sure to tell your audience to mention your name when they apply!

Top Strategies For Promoting $100K Mastermind



Creating evergreen content is a one-time project that can attract leads and generate passive income for your business for years. 

Evergreen content can include:

  • YouTube videos
  • Podcast episodes
  • Blog articles

Here are are our recommended, top-converting topic ideas for your content:

  • "$100K Mastermind Program Review"
  • "How I Built My First Evergreen Sales Funnel"
  • "How I Earned $XX,XXX of Passive Income"
  • "My Experience with Gillian Perkins' $100K Mastermind"
  • "$100K Mastermind vs [competitor program]"
  • "$100K Mastermind Program Demo"



Introduce your email subscribers to $100K Mastermind, tell them how the program can help them, and invite them to apply. We make it easy with pre-written "swipe copy" you can copy and paste to send to your subscribers. (Or feel free to write your own, using these emails as inspiration!)



We find that the best way to promote $100K Mastermind on social media is to regularly talk about what you're working on in $100K Mastermind and invite your followers to DM you if they have questions about the program. Sharing the raw, real, behind-the-scenes of building your business will inspire others and get them interested to learn how you're doing it.


  • Share stories on IG showing what you're working on in your business. Include a story (or three!) showing inside $100K Mastermind and talking about what you're working on in the program.
  • Share an inspirational TikTok/Reel/Short about what you've accomplished in your business over the last 90 days, mentioning $100K Mastermind.
  • Share posts on IG or FB about your experience with $100K Mastermind.



You can get your audience excited to apply by making $100K Mastermind an even more amazing opportunity. 


By offering a bonus of your own to everyone who gives you referral credit!

Your bonus could be...

  • An online course. This is a great option if you've already created a business or marketing course.
  • Several individual resources, such as email swipe copy, a metrics tracking spreadsheet, or a mini-course.
  • Your services: web design, graphic design, copy writing, virtual assistance, etc.
  • Coaching or consulting. If you're a business coach yourself, this is an obvious option, but, if not, you can also offer consulting simply as a successful $100K alumni!


  • NO self-referral: using your own affiliate link to refer yourself as a sale is not allowed, and will result in these commissions being removed and potentially being removed from the $100K Mastermind affiliate program.
  • You agree to adhere to FTC guidelines and local laws when promoting $100K Mastermind. This primarily means you should always disclose when a link you share is an affiliate link.
  • Do not send spam or leads from paid lists of any kind. Anyone caught doing so will be banned and commissions voided.
  • Refrain from using negative words in your marketing (i.e. “Is $100K Mastermind a SCAM - Review”). If you are unsure about your topic or words, please reach out to
  • No cash rebates allowed.
  • Affiliates shall NOT create social media pages, channels or websites using the ‘$100K Mastermind’ or 'Gillian Perkins' brand name (ex:, This is to prevent any abuse of our brand, intellectual property, and avoid customer confusion. Doing so will have your affiliate account terminated.


  • You must have a PayPal account to participate in our program.
  •  You will earn a 50% commission for every sale you refer.
  • $100K Mastermind is currently $1,450 for pay-in-full, or 12 months of $145 payments.
  • Commissions for successful purchases are paid out automatically within 30-60 days.