How Much Can You "Realistically" Expect to Earn in Year One?

I got an email recently with a really good question.

The email went something like this, “I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but what is a fair estimate for how long it will take me to start making consistent monthly income. Some sort of ballpark to help me set my expectations would be helpful. The number I have in my head is 12 to 18 months from now that I should be covering my monthly expenses and making at least a little beyond that.”

This person’s expectation right now is that after working on her business for a year, or a year and a half, that she should be breaking even, maybe a little more.

The thing about goals and expectations is that whatever target you set your course toward will affect everything you do to try to reach that goal. So when you expect the break even in 18 months, your actions will–consciously or not–take you in that direction.

It’s like the saying, aim for the moon, and even if you fail you’ll be among the stars.

Which is why I don’t want that person or you to be setting your sights on just breaking even after a year or more, because it is possible to do so much better than that.

So today I’m taking you through exactly what you can expect in the first year, how you can make predictions for yourself and your business, and what your first goal should be to set yourself on the trajectory for success.



  • What you can expect in your first three to six months in business
  • Why your first $1000 is the first milestone you need to aim for
  • How the validation process supports you on the path to growth

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