Cyber Security for Small Businesses with Todd Mitchell

The security and protection of our businesses and our customers’ information is so important, but a lot of us don’t know that much about how to go about making those things as safe and secure as possible.

Especially with rapid changes in technology and new threats to cybersecurity that come up.

Which is why today I’ve brought in an expert.

Todd Mitchell has over 25 years of experience in using risk-based assessments to create and enforce cyber security policies that keep data safe while ensuring the information gets to the correct decision maker at the correct time, intact and unchanged.

Todd has a Master of Science in Cyber Security Policy, as well as a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Ethical Hacking.



  • The biggest mistakes people make with their payment processors
  • Three key ways to keep your customers’ information more secure
  • The kind of scam that makes up 94% of all attacks on small businesses
  • The number one cause of data breaches
  • Two things you can do right now to make your business more secure

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