How I Finally Found My First Customers

Getting momentum from zero is almost always the hardest part.

That first hundred dollars, first thousand dollars that you earn is some of the hardest money you’ll ever make.

And the same thing goes for finding your first clients.

How do you go from zero to finding your first client or your first handful of clients?

I know that when I first started it felt like a mystery. I had no idea where to start.

In my first business, I overcame that hurdle accidentally and gained clients through word of mouth. But when I started my online business it was a whole other story.

But I knew that if I was going to succeed with my online business, then I needed to find those first customers. So I started working on it.

Here’s what I did, what didn’t work, and how I finally got my first customers.



  • Four things that didn’t work and what I learned from them
  • The mistakes I made with my earliest paying clients
  • The strategy that finally built momentum in my business
  • Seven principles for getting your first customers and building momentum that apply to any business

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