Roundup: How Did You Get Your First Customers or Clients?

In the last episode, you heard the story of how I got my first clients and customers and finally started attracting the right customers.

Now I want to share the stories of several other business owners and how they got their first customers and how those clients led them to where they are today.

Emily Banks works with online business owners to help elevate their brands, products and marketing materials through strategy based design.

Tiffany Pichardo of Virtually Simple is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in customer service and YouTube growth. 

Samantha Harris is a Lead Generation and Sales Strategist for online business owners. She focuses on developing organic strategies to help her clients reach more of their target audience so they can sell more of their offers.

Tony Rulli is the Co-founder and Head of Advertising at Intentional Spark, a digital advertising agency dedicated to helping online business owners grow their businesses through digital marketing. Tony and his teams focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, but also manage all ad platforms for their clients.



  • How Samantha used Instagram and Facebook to network her way into her first clients
  • How being engaged in private groups and chats for small business owners landed Emily her first clients, without having to pitch her services
  • How Tiffany built her skill set in another position that led to her first clients
  • How providing value, support, and free consultations through networking groups helped Tony fill his client roster

Learn more about Emily Banks:

Learn more about Tiffany Pichardo:

Learn more about Samantha Harris:

Learn more about Tony Rulli:

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