How to Successfully Sell Your First Course with Jess Catorc from Teachable

If you are thinking about creating your first course, this is the episode for you.

From generating leads with no audience or a small audience to launch strategies to pricing to turning your leads into paying, satisfied customers, I’m going to cover it all with Jess Catorc from Teachable.

Teachable is a course hosting platform that has been around for nearly a decade and has worked with thousands upon thousands of course creators. They’ve got the data, the tools, and the expertise to help make your course a success, and Jess is a major part of that.

Jess is an award-winning brand strategist and leads Launch Creator Initiatives at Teachable. She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC television network, and has spent the last 8+ years working with creators and startups to expand their reach and revenue online in the Creator Economy.



  • How to collaborate to grow your audience
  • Why using lead magnets and microproducts helps you validate your course idea
  • Why your first launch is about collecting data on what works
  • How to build a simple sales funnel
  • What you need to consider when you’re pricing your course

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