Scale Your Profits by Simplifying Your Business with Jereshia Hawk

There are two big reasons I wanted to talk to Jereshia Hawk.

First, a few years ago she overhauled her business to make it more streamlined, a move that has proved wildly successful. I wanted to know what that looked like from the inside, what simplifications she made that had such a big impact, and if there were other factors that contributed to the way her business took off like a rocket.

Secondly, I wanted to nerd out about sales funnels and sales systems. I love getting into the nitty gritty details with people who have really successful sales systems. Jereshia has a system that is driving her multimillion dollar business, so obviously something is working, and I wanted to get the scoop on how her systems work, how she’s getting leads, and how she’s turning those leads into customers.

Thankfully, she agreed to do a deep dive with me and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Jereshia Hawk is a sought after business coach and sales expert who grew her business from $0-2 million in less than 4 years with organic marketing, a lean team, and high profit margins. She helps high-achieving experts launch and scale leveraged group coaching programs by packaging and positioning their intellectual property and strategically repurposing live videos to generate new leads. Jereshia’s mission is to help narrow the racial wealth gap by helping 100 women of color (and their allies) per year build and run million-dollar online coaching businesses that contribute to a ripple effect of positive impact and lasting legacy.



  • How simplifying the business solidified how her audience perceived her, and why that translated into sales
  • How Jereshia made the call for which offers to drop, and where to put her focus
  • How she validated the demand for Leverage before committing to the program
  • Why Jereshia says a more personal, human approach to sales is necessary for higher price point programs
  • The three simple steps in Jereshia’s sales funnel

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