How to Pitch Corporate Clients with Ruth-Joy Connell

If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll know that I’ve interviewed people about a variety of different business models, which may leave you wondering what the best one really is.

The truth is, there is no such thing as the best business model because different things work for different people. It all depends on your goals and even your personality.

For some people, rather than courses or group programs or memberships, it makes the most sense to continue to work directly with clients. Maybe they enjoy building relationships, the accountability of client deadlines, or the certainty of getting paid for their work.

And just because you’re not going for a passive income model doesn’t mean you can’t work less and earn more.

Perhaps the most obvious way to do that is to get higher-paying clients, but how do you land those clients?

Today, I’m talking with Ruth-Joy Connell about how to pitch to and land corporate clients.

Ruth-Joy Connell is the CEO and founder of RJC Consulting Global — a Corporate Consulting firm specializing in helping service-based entrepreneurs, price, pitch, and close corporate contracts. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs serve and earn at their highest level so that the work they do can have a generational impact. When she’s not collecting coins, you can find her shopping at Winners, watching re-runs of 90s TV shows, or traveling to new countries.



  • Why taking your work to corporate clients doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel
  • How to clarify the client and consumer for your work
  • The best platform for marketing to corporate clients
  • Five steps to creating a list of prospects to reach out to

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