Family + Business: How I Make It Work

As my business grows, it’s going to get harder, right, Gillian?

Nope. In my experience, it gets EASIER—even with three kids AND a newborn.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t faced challenges. Of course I have! And in your journey to grow a successful business, so will you!

And some of those challenges will relate to HOW you work and WHEN you work as you seek to balance family and business responsibilities.

Beyond the logistics of running a business and parenting, one of the MOST important things that really matters is that you truly enjoy what you’re doing.

Oftentimes, we simply assume that things are going to get harder the bigger our business grows. That in itself can hold you back from growing your business into its full potential.

But if you truly enjoy what you’re doing, you show up every day, get better at what you do, and grow through the challenges that creating and growing a business naturally brings.

In today's episode, I'm going to walk you through a few of my go-to tips and tricks on how to run a business while parenting (and homeschooling!) at the same time. And for those of you who aren’t parents—maybe you have a day job, maybe you’re in school, or maybe you have a side hustle—these tips apply to you, too!


  • My #1 habit for doubling my productivity every day
  • Whether to multitask or not and how to get it all done when you simply DON’T have the time
  • Simple tips for ensuring you have the energy to show up as the person you need to be to do what you need to do
  • And how to approach that perennial question: should you use technology as a babysitter?
  • Profit Planning Challenge


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Sean McMullin