Every month, I’m peeling back the curtain and sharing the ins & outs of my monthly revenue.

These income reports are an in-depth and honest look at how much my business earned, what it cost, and how many hours it took me to do it.

It’s now October and it’s been two months since I returned from taking the summer off for maternity leave—and September’s income report shows that things are still trending downward which means it’s prime time to make some moves to change this and start, once again, growing!

(By the way, if you happen to be in a “descent” yourself, know that this is a natural part of the cycle of growth. Two steps forward, one step back is a very healthy and normal pattern. To try to force things to constantly spiral upward is unrealistic, ultimately impossible, and will only lead to stress.)

As always, I’ll also share which tasks and projects really ended up paying me best so that you can see how I’m optimizing my business so that I can work less and earn more over time. Plus, you’ll get a time report, breaking down the time I spend on each activity and how that created a financial result (or not).

I hope that you’ll be able to learn from my trial and error, as I work to grow my business, my impact, and my income––all while keeping clear boundaries on my time and personal life.

Today, we’re looking back on September 2020.


  • 3 specific strategies I’m implementing to INCREASE my income 
  • Why my income went DOWN the last two months
  • Exactly how much time I worked and what I spent my time on this month
  • How much my team worked and what they worked on
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  • Profit Planning Challenge


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