EP 43: 3 Ways to Grow Your Emails List (That Actually Work!)

Sometimes, the truth can be hard to swallow…

But knowing the truth empowers us to make the best decisions.

Here’s one of those truths: if you’re building an audience online, only 2% of your audience will EVER buy from you.

This goes whether you have 100 followers on IG, a million email subscribers, or anything in between.

Of course, we can work on improving that percentage, but we’ll never be able to change the fact that MOST of our audience just follows us for the free stuff.

And that’s okay! In fact, it’s a good thing, because it means we can impact the lives of a far greater number of people than those who are actually interested in pulling out their credit card. 

BUT, it also means that if we want to increase our sales, then we NEED to prioritize growing our audiences.

(Yes, you 100% can be successful with a small audience… but you can be even more successful if you can reach more people.)

Social media is a great place to get exposure and reach new people, but we all know that email subscribers are the crème de la crème of an online audience, because those are the people you can reach most directly + predictably. 

(Meaning… no need cross your fingers and HOPE an algorithm cooperates!)

In this week’s podcast, I share three email list growth strategies… and these aren’t just random strategies that sound good. These are the strategies that consistently WORK and have grown my email list to 98,000 subscribers. 

(We’re currently adding 8,000 new subscribers every month with these tactics!)

I know what it’s like to wonder WHY your list isn’t growing; and maybe even to feel like you’re the only one. For the first several years of trying to grow my list, I really struggled:

These were the tactics that finally made the difference, and I want to share them with you.

Listen to the episode now (or download for later!) and start growing your email list a lot more quickly.

There’s no reason to keep struggling when the tools are available. I KNOW you can do this once you know-how!

Here’s to your success!

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The 3 tactics I’ve used to grow my email list and add 8,000 new subscribers every month
  • How I use Pinterest to supercharge traffic to my website and grow my email list
  • Why YouTube is a key player when you want to grow your email list (and how to turn followers into email subscribers) 
  • The impact that appearing on other people’s podcasts has on your email growth

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    Nia - November 4, 2020 Reply

    Excellent episode. Very useful now I know how to grow my email list! I’ve learned a lot! (instagram @frenchchallenge)

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