Secrets to PROFITABLE Facebook Ads with Tony Rulli

Facebook ads are everything right now—and whether you hire it out to an ad agency or you DIY, the goal of your ads should always be to make a profit… which is harder than you might think.

If you’re DIYing it, you might be boosting a post here and there. Those kinds of activities might get your post in front of your audience—but a boost doesn’t necessarily translate to new customers or sales. 

And that’s just one beginner mistake you could make. But don’t worry! There are LOTS of smart, tactical ways to do FB ads right so that you get in front of the right people with the right message or offer and grow your business. 

No doubt the FB advertising world can be super confusing. That’s why I invited my paid advertising genius, Tony Rulli of Intentional Spark, onto the podcast to demystify ads and help you understand why you might not be getting the return that you’re hoping for.

Tony runs the Facebook ads for Startup Society and my personal brand as well as many other well-known names, including Jasmine Star, Brooke Castillo, Acuity Scheduling, Convertkit, and many others. And there’s a good reason—he really knows his stuff!


  • The most common mistakes that sabotage people’s FB ad success -- and how you can avoid them!
  • The highest converting funnels that give you the best Return-on-Ad-Spend (so you can maximize your profits)
  • What’s changed with paid advertising in 2020… and how you can survive and even thrive in these strange times!
  • And finally: how big of a budget you REALLY need to be successful with FB ads. (I loved Tony’s take on this -- though it might surprise some people because it’s not your typical “you can start with even $5 a day!” optimism.)
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