EP 46: Sales Funnels: A Beginner’s Guide

Sales funnels. 

You might be thinking: those are one of those complicated things everyone says you need in order to be successful, but really… they’re probably just a distraction from what you really need.




(Sorry, not sorry. 🙃)

In fact, if there’s ONE thing a business needs — it’s a sales funnel.

Good news though!

  1. EVERY business (that successfully makes money) manages to check this box — even if unintentionally.
  2. Sales funnels don’t need to be complex.

Here’s the thing… a “sales funnel” is just the process that your potential customers go through to find out about your business, decide to buy your product, and then purchase.

Donut shops have sales funnels.

Hair salons have sales funnels.

Coaching businesses have sales funnels.

Software companies have sales funnels.

Amazon has a sales funnel.

Literally, EVERY business has one.

But if you don’t intentionally design your funnel, then it’s unlikely that it will work very well.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Why EVERY business needs a strategic sales funnel to make money
  • Everything you need to know about funnels, including what they are, how they work, and how to set one up for yourself
  • My best tips for creating a sales funnel that generates the max number of sales
  • The four components you need in order for your sales funnels to be as SUCCESSFUL as possible

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