What Would This Look Like If It Were Simple?

We all do it. We judge books by their covers… and also by their size.

Somehow we think that if a book has more pages then we’re going to get MORE out of it.

We do the same thing if we buy an online course: we think that if it was more expensive it’s going to be more valuable and that if we open it and it has more modules than we thought that we’re going to get A LOT more out of it. We assume, therefore, that it will be more useful.

I’m guilty of this thinking, too. Sometimes I find myself doing this with podcast episodes (like this one, for example!) “Oh, that episode’s only eight minutes long—it probably won’t even be worth my time.”

But we all know that sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages: the check for $100K, the engagement ring, the simple (yet powerful) advice of a mentor.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, today’s episode is only 8 minutes long. In just a few minutes, I share some advice I got last year from one of my mentors that’s allowed me to work significantly LESS while increasing our revenue by over 80%.

Who knows, maybe it’s exactly what you need to hear to work less and earn more in your business, too!


  • Why you should ALWAYS ask yourself: what would this look like if it were simple?
  • Why more complicated strategies WON’T necessarily get us bigger and better results
  • Sometimes more complex ideas are addictive—we feel like once we’ve identified them that we can’t live without them—but is that really true?
  • Attract Paying Customers Action Plan
  • Profit Planning Challenge


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Sean McMullin