EP 59: Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers: Case Study Interview with Marissa Romero

One of the toughest parts of building a successful YouTube channel is just getting your first 1,000 subscribers.

Once you hit that coveted 4-figure mark, the algorithm takes over and (as long as you keep posting consistently…) practically grows your channel for you.

But how can you get those first thousand??

Everyone does it slightly differently, but hearing their stories can help you figure out the best path for YOU.

On today's podcast episode, I'm interviewing YouTube creator Marissa Romero, who's successfully grown a channel of 120,000+ subscribers in a competitive niche.

We'll talk a little about the strategies she's using to grow it these days… but we're going to focus mostly on how she got started.

After you listen, I'm sure Marissa would appreciate hearing what you got out of the episode! You can reach out to her @marissaeromero on Instagram.

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Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • What Marissa did to get her FIRST 1,000 subs
  • The mistakes Marissa made when she was first getting started with YouTube
  • The role really good keywords and affiliate links were to getting consistent traffic in the beginning-and what she's focusing on now with over 150K subscribers
  • Why using the algorithm to your advantage right away is ESSENTIAL to growth
  • Why Marissa has prioritized her thumbnail strategy (and how overall channel branding makes a HUGE difference)

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