What Should YOUR Next Step Be?

First off, isn’t it so cool that we live at a time when information is so readily available?

The answer is out there to any question you might have… and it’s probably even just a Google search away!

But with more content created every day than you could ever possibly consume, this abundance of information can also be… overwhelming.

Information overload is real. And it can really hold you back.

You’re trying to build your business, but there are millions of articles, podcasts, and courses all giving you different [conflicting!] advice.

How can you possibly decide which advice to take or what’s your best next step?

If you’ve ever struggled with this, I can relate. And… I can also help.

Turns out, there’s a framework for exactly this. A simple, 2-step process for figuring exactly which aspect of your business you should work on next in order to reach the next level of growth… and I’m going to walk you through everything in this episode.


  • I walk you through the exact process of this helpful process so that you can figure out exactly what’s the weakest area of your business and decide what your next step should be
  • How to use what you learned from the framework to be able to use your time and use your resources as efficiently as possible and make the biggest progress and reach the biggest results with your business
  • Identifying where you’re struggling the most—or your weakest link—and what to do about it
  • Free Validate Checklist
  • Profit Planning Challenge


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Sean McMullin