EP 63: Get VISIBLE and Grow Your Brand Online

“This is it. I’ve figured it out. I know exactly what I need to do now,” I told my husband one day in the fall of 2016.

I’d just returned from a women’s business conference in San Diego. It was the first “big” event I’d attended, and I’d learned a lot.

Including, as it happened, the “missing piece” I needed to finally start making money with my online business.

My puzzle seemed so complete, in fact, that for the next few weeks I struggled to feel motivated to work on my business at all. There was no more mystery to it. No more curiosity driving me forward.

Once I got over that, though, I took my business from earning $0 to over $10K/month in just 18 months.

Sometimes there really are secrets to success…

In this week’s podcast episode, I teach YOU this missing puzzle piece: what it was, why it mattered so much, and how I found and fitted it into my business puzzle to get the results I did.

If you’re wondering why you’re struggling to grow and get the results you’re looking for, this episode is for you.

Hope this lesson has as much impact on YOU as it did on me a few years ago. <3

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How I started working 20 hours a week and making next to money at all to making $10K every MONTH
  • Why getting visible to your target audience will dictate where and what platforms you should show up on
  • Why YouTube was my key to getting visible—BUT there are plenty of other ways for YOU to get visible with your audience like using Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest is one of the ways you can get visibility that has the least barriers to entry
  • How podcasts play a huge role in visibility and growing your audience

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