How to Launch Your Podcast & Climb the Charts with Melissa Guller

So you’re thinking about starting a podcast.

Maybe you want to expand your audience, or maybe you want to build an audience and create authority to support your online business. 

Both are great reasons to get into podcasting.

So what’s holding you back?

In today’s episode, Melissa Guller of Wit & Wire joins me to talk about strategies for starting and marketing a podcast, from the planning you need to do to marketing strategies. 

And we’ll break down misconceptions about the charts, market saturation and why you don’t need a ton of equipment or technical know-how to hit record.

Melissa Guller is a course creator, podcast producer, and the CEO of Wit & Wire, where she helps online business owners build their authority and reach a wider audience through podcasting. 

Bigger picture, Melissa loves to teach entrepreneurs. She’s a top-rated instructor on Skillshare and in person at General Assembly, and she previously worked full-time for Ramit Sethi and Teachable. She’s helped over 2,000 podcasting students through her Wit & Wire online courses, and she's on a mission to help more diverse business owners earn money online doing work they lo



  • Three reasons to start a podcast even if you don’t have a large following
  • How to use seasons as part of your marketing, to test content, or to give yourself a break
  • Why you need to be strategic about choosing your category and what charting means for your podcast
  • The difference between owned media and earned media and which one you should focus on for growth
  • How to pitch yourself as a guest on someone else’s podcast and invite guests to your own

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