A Typical Monday In My Life As An ENTREPRENEUR (And Mom!)

Pretty much everyone I know is really good at something. Maybe it's how they balance working + family life, maybe it's creativity, or fitness, or their sense of style.

But, whatever it is, we all have unique talents.

As a naturally curious person, I'm always interested in learning exactly how people do those things that they're the very best at.

  • How is Mark always on time?
  • How does Lilah keep her audience so engaged?
  • How does Krista make the BEST cheesecake?
  • How does Cortni get so much done in such little time?

My curiosity inclines me to be just a tad bit, well… snoopy. ??

I really want to see the “behind the scenes” of how people do what they do so well. And this makes “day in the life” videos some of my very favorites to watch.

(Because a good “step-by-step tutorial” is great… but seeing how things happen in real life is way more interesting.)

If you're anything like me (i.e. kinda “snoopy”) then you'll really enjoy the video I released on YouTube: a typical Monday in my life as an entrepreneur and mom.

In the video, I share the behind the scenes of everything I do on Mondays — and there's a lot!

(I like to “front-load” my week and get the bulk of my work done in just the first couple days, which makes for a pretty crazy Monday.)

So, curious what it looks like to run an online business and YouTube channel as the mom of three littles? Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T4vfe_m_rU&t=401s

After you watch, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like to see more of these “day-in-the-life” videos in the future!

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