Best Year Ever Blueprint Entrepreneur Day in San Diego with Hal Elrod

Yesterday, we arrived in San Diego for Hal Elrod's “Best Year Ever Blueprint” event. It was a mildly eventful trip, since one of our flights was canceled and rebooked for a midnight flight… Fortunately we were able to straighten
things out and, after a short layover in LA, we arrived in San Diego a bit after 6:30pm.

best year ever
San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities I have San_Diego_bay_2_t658ever seen. The architectural layout is spacious, and everything seems surprisingly clean. Beautiful buildings, a breathtakingly clear bay, and many interesting sights make this my favorite vacation destination to date.

Arriving at the conference for check in last night, we were personally greeted by Hal Elrod and Jon Bergoff. They quickly engaged us and helped us to feel welcome and excited to be at the event.

Amusingly, we were given wrongly labeled name tags which announced that we were part of the VIP Quantum Leap Mastermind group– a luxury I wish I could afford. Timothy's hope's were high, but I remained a pessimist realist.

The first day of the event was specifically for entrepreneurs, a title we fancy applies to us. My favorite part, thus far, is connecting with so many like-minded people. It is invigorating and inspiring to be surrounded by such a positive, growth mindset. Networking has never been my forte, but I am worChandler Boltking diligently to improve.

One of the most significant presentations of the day was by the young Chandler Bolt, who spoke about his personal successes with publishing e-books, his strategies for success, and his “Self-Publishing School.” Here's a quick summary of his points:

Steps to write a book with ease:

1 – Mind Map

  • create a visual of your thoughts
  • brainstorm every idea you could possibly incorporate into your book
  • no filter
  • every idea, story, resource, book, personal experience, etcHow-to-create-a-mind-map-mindmap

2 – Outline

  • Visually break your mind map into 3-8 main sections
  • break each section into chapters
  • Create lists to sort all your ideas into each of these chapters
  • It's okay to rearrange later

3 – Write

  • So much easier, now that you aren't starting with a blank page
  • Repeat the mind map and outlining process for each chapter
  • Each time you sit down to write, first spend 10 minutes mind mapping the chapter, then 10 minutes outlining, finally 40-60 minutes writing the chapter
  • write


Follow the above steps, and your book will be well organized and completely written within the space of a month!

So far, the BYEB event is being a great experience. We are eagerly looking forward to learning so much more throughout the rest of the weekend.

Gillian Perkins

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