Easy Bookkeeping Practices to Set You Up for Longterm Success with Mark Butler (Transcript)
In the episode, Mark shares exactly how to DIY your bookkeeping -- and how to do it right. So that when you eventually are ready to work with a pro, you’ll be PROUD to show them your books and there won’t be any awkward conversations.
Your First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers: Case Study Interview with Marissa Romero (Transcript)
We'll talk a little about the strategies she's using to grow it these days... but we're going to focus mostly on how Marissa got started.
How to TEST Your Business Idea (Transcript)
If you’re a DIY’er then you’ll love this episode. Not only is it the “do it yourself” guide to testing your biz idea, but it’s also going to ensure that all your future business DIY projects have much greater chances of being successful!
A 7-Figure Course Business… and the Surprising Strategy that Built It with Chandler Bolt (Transcript)
While it's true that courses tend to be more profitable than self-published books, this question ("What's more profitable?") kind of creates a false dichotomy In other words: it makes it sound like you have to pick one or the other. But, in reality, these two strategies can work together to create far better results than either typically does on its own.
What WORKED to Grow My Business in 2020 with Cortni Loveridge (Transcript)
I’ve invited Cortni to join me in sharing exactly what we did in 2020 that had the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line. I hope you find the episode very insightful and that you’re able to use these strategies to turn 2021 into your BEST year yet.
The $10K/month Side Hustle With Keina Newell (Transcript)
I sat down with Keina Newell, financial coach and founder of Wealth Over Now. Keina works with professional women and solopreneurs to create new possibilities with their money so they can save more, pay off debt, invest in themselves and stress less about money.