Bonus Week #4

Six-Figures—6 Things We Did That Took Us Past The Mark

To celebrate our reaching 100 episodes of Work Less, Earn More, I’m revisiting some of my favorite episodes all this week.

I went all the way back to the very first episode and pulled out the ones that stood out to me as must-listens, ones that I think even if you've heard them before, they would be worth listening to again. Then I had to narrow it down from 20 or so episodes to 5.

To do that, I needed a theme or a topic, and I landed on doing a whole week of episodes all about funnels and launching.

I'm bringing you back to one of the earliest episodes from Work Less, Earn More.

In this episode, I share with you six things that took us past the six-figure mark.

One thing I love about this episode is that it's a really good recap of some of the biggest things that we did that grew the business, and I did it while hitting that milestone was still pretty fresh and we were still using a lot of the same strategies as we continued to grow.

So if you’re aiming for that goal, listen in and I’ll share how we did it.



  • Why I had to narrow my focus and get specific
  • Why I stopped selling and dug into market research
  • Why different is better than better
  • How I found my bottlenecks and hired help strategically to get past them
  • How subscriptions and evergreen funnels took us over the six-figure mark

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