Case Study: How Becca launched her course with Startup Society

Have you ever felt totally stuck when trying to find steady and predictable income as a business owner?

Today we’re going to hear from the amazing Becca.  Becca had some roadblocks that were

standing between her and steady growth in the business.  Let’s hear from Becca about how her frustration around these roadblocks led her to Startup Society, and how her business has grown over the past year since joining.

Going Full-Time with Her Online Business

Becca is an elementary school music teacher, and she has been working hard on transitioning from her full time teaching job, to going full time in her business. 

In 2020, Becca realized that she needed help with the nitty-gritty details of growing and running her online business and YouTube channel. Like many business owners out there, she was overwhelmed by the amount of time things took, and struggling with her lack of knowledge in certain areas of running her business.

Here’s how she described it:

“I was getting frustrated, irritated, and down on myself.  I was taking on too many projects and overestimating how much I could actually accomplish. When I put too much on my plate and couldn’t accomplish it all, it made me feel bad!”

But even though Becca felt really stuck, she was still hesitant to invest in outside support.

“I am very stingy with my money, so it took a lot for me to invest in the Startup Society.”

How Becca finally overcame her roadblocks:

So where did Becca go next? She knew she couldn’t keep going the same way anymore.

That’s when she decided to make a change.

“I invested in my business because my goal is to make enough money to be able to stay home full time and spend more time with my husband. I love, love, love teaching, but there's a lot of parts of teaching that are not fun. I'm really passionate about helping teachers.”

And she had a very specific reason why she joined:

“I wanted to learn how to create better funnels and automate more in my business, so I could continue selling things that I created two years ago. I wanted more consistent growth.”

The tipping point for Becca:

Here’s where it gets exciting.

Since joining Startup Society, Becca has been really committing to the process and following through.

“I have loved Startup Society. I particularly like how I can pick and choose what I like and what I need to learn each month. I’ve been working through the Ideal Customer action plans, and it’s helped me get super clear about my vision.  I also enjoyed the action plan about funnels.”

All the small steps Becca has been taking each week inside Startup Society are inching her closer and closer toward her goals, and I’m so proud of how she’s followed through on everything I taught her and chose to believe in herself.

When Becca hit paydirt:

So what was the payoff?

“I was able to set up and launch my course to my email list.  We had 174 subscribers who were interested, and we ended up with 21 sales.”

That’s an amazing conversion rate!  ???

Congratulations, Becca!

I hope you enjoyed hearing Becca’s’s story as much as I did. Be sure to check her website out to learn more about her online music business and YouTube Channel, and to cheer her on!

If you want to learn more about Startup Society and what it’s like inside, you can learn more and join here:

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