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6 things you must do BEFORE launching your business (set yourself up for success from the start!) 

When starting in business, there are a plethora of behind-the-scenes details being worked out before any money is even made.  Interestingly, in a recent masterclass I taught, a common theme arose among students – they all had designed their business branding even though they hadn’t taken any of the other steps of setting up their […]

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a minimalist approach to online business (working less and earning WAY MORE)

Is bigger always better? The point of running a business is to make money — so more money means your company is more successful, right? And a bigger business makes more money, right? Well, not always. While bigger businesses often generate more annual revenue, they do so at a much higher cost. That’s because with […]

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how to “listen to your audience” when you DON’T HAVE an audience

Some of the most frustrating advice I’ve ever received has got to be to “listen to my audience.” Experts told me this was the secret to creating products that would fly off the digital shelves and content that would go viral. “Answer the questions your audience is asking.” “Pay attention to what your audience is struggling with.” […]

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The Easiest Way to Film & Edit Online Course Videos

Online courses are one of the best ways to create passive income these days, but creating the courses can be rather time-consuming. The filming and editing process takes a ton of work! After creating more than a dozen online courses on my entrepreneurship journey, believe me, I’ve made ALL. THE. MISTAKES. Throughout this process, I’ve […]

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