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The $100K Method: How to Create a Course That Sells

Happy customers don’t tell their friends… successful customers do. Here’s the hard truth, your audience doesn’t actually want your product.  That’s right, what they truly care about is the results your product can give them. And, if you can get your customers real results that they are excited about they will tell their friends about […]

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100K Method: Your funnel won’t make ANY money if you do this.

There are three unfortunate mistakes most people make when trying to build passive income funnels. Mistakes that don’t just reduce the success of a funnel — they can completely cripple it and stop it from ever generating any revenue at all! Now, obviously you’ll want to avoid these mistakes, but not just because they can […]

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The 100K Method: Evergreen Funnels vs Live Launching

There are two preferred marketing strategies to sell courses online: evergreen funnels and live launches.  There are also some amazing benefits to setting up an evergreen funnel — I mean, who doesn’t love a passive income stream?! So you might be surprised to hear me say that there is an important time when you actually […]

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the #1 CTA for your website

Let’s tackle this crucial question: What should your website’s main call to action be? Startup Society member, Stacey Beebe asked it this way, “For the button that directs them to the next page I want them to visit; if I ultimately want them to purchase a course, do I want them to visit information about […]

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