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EP 13: Three Systems to Maximize Your Productivity With Ashley Gartland

Ashley is a business coach who specializes in helping small business owners systematize and streamline their businesses so that they can work less and grow more.

She has developed a simplified marketing system that puts all of her digital businesses and marketing efforts onto one Trello board – simplifying her marketing and maximizing her productivity

And she shares how she does this in just 20 to 30 hours per week or less.

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EP 12: Why I Started a Podcast When I Already Have a Big Audience on YouTube

Today, I am going to address some of these questions and share with you some of the reasons I started a podcast. The truth is that businesses that are in different stages of growth need to focus on different strategies. Just because my business is in a place where starting a podcast is a good choice, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for your business.

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EP 11: Increase Your Productivity By Creating Boundaries With Dannie Lynn Fountain

It’s the strength of these boundaries and the limiting of our working hours that mean we can work less while still keeping our profits high. Setting firm boundaries means that emails don’t take up all of our time, that we don’t take meetings on Fridays, and we definitely don’t work weekends. It’s within these boundaries that our businesses are permitted to grow.

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EP 08: Stress-Free Success Using Intuitive Execution With Megan Minns

We need to find a balance between structured strategic plans and simply flying by the seat of our pants. Especially if we want to intentionally build online businesses that meet our goals.

My guest today is Megan Minns, an expert at navigating this challenging situation and finding the balance between going with the flow and having the strategic structure needed to lead us directly to the results that we want.

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