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How I Built My Business By Building My Community

How I Built My Business by Building My Community

Out of all the things that make up a good brand, how it relates to the people who love it is probably the most important goal to reach. If you can create a brand that resonates in the right way, to the right people, then you my friend, have struck gold. Sure – we could […]

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How ONE eBook Grew My List by 800 Subscribers and Earned Over $3000

How NOT to Use a Free eBook to Grow Your Email List -- And what to do instead!

Your Typical eBook Story These days, everybody and their aunt has a free ebook that they are offering as an “opt-in” to persuade visitors to join their list. Practically every blog you visit has a little pop-up or ad in the sidebar promoting such a lead magnet. This makes it kind of hard to stand […]

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