Confidently start, grow, and monetize your YouTube channel in just 3 months -- without the guesswork!


Are you serious about becoming successful on Youtube?

If you’ve struggled to know:

  • Where to start
  • How to develop a channel strategy
  • How to stand out, get noticed, and grow your channel

Then it’s time to stop guessing and start confidently GROWING with the FAST TRACK method.

How does the Fast Track method work?

Creator Fast Track has three phases that are completed over a three-month period. Each phase includes video lessons to teach you what you need to do, detailed action steps to make it easy for you to put what you're learning into action, and specific goals to work toward so you stay on track.


Phase 1 will guide you to decide what channel to start, create a strategic plan for growth, and start your channel.


In Phase 2 you'll record your first videos, launch your channel, and reach your first 100 subscribers.


Phase 3 will guide you to use YouTube SEO tactics to propel your channel forward to reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetized.

What's Inside:

  • Over 50 instructive video lessons -- each with specific action steps for you to follow (value $2997)
  • 12 months of unlimited email coaching (value $2400)
  • Private YouTube creator discussion group (value $600)
  • Channel Idea Assessment Tool (value $95)
  • Video Research Analysis Tool (value $130)
  • Video Production Workflow (value $150)
  • Masterclass: Video Ideas that Get Watched (value $150)
  • Workshop: Camera Confident (value $95)

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Gillian Perkins, the woman behind Creator Fast Track and the leader of a growing movement of regular people turned digital entrepreneurs.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve grown my YouTube channel to over 500,000 subscribers -- and it’s done crazy things for my business, lifestyle, and future.

As a teacher and creative problem solver, I’m excited to show YOU how to grow a channel on YouTube so you too can enjoy the benefits of visibility, a quickly expanding audience, and a thriving online brand. I know first hand the impact these things will have on your whole life.

Here’s to your success! 

Reaching 2,000+ subscribers and now a Creator Fast Track mentor!

I am so thankful to Gillian and her team for Creator Fast Track! This program has helped me to reach almost 2,000 subscribers and beyond! My channel is now consistently gaining views, subscribers, and watch hours.

With the help of Creator Fast Track, I was able to get my channel monetized and start making a little extra cash from YouTube. I am confident that my channel will keep growing because Creator Fast Track has set me up for success!

I believe that this program is so successful because Gillian has created an easy, step-by-step process to improve, or to start your YouTube Channel, with direct action steps. And the Facebook support group is amazing! I know that if I post any YouTube related question in there, I will get a helpful answer. Thank you so much Gillian for helping me succeed with YouTube!

Angelika Yevstratenko

CFT student

A Clear Roadmap

Creator Fast Track has been an absolute game-changer for me with taking action towards starting and launching my YouTube channel. I'm still working on filming and launching my first few videos, but already this course has given me the clear roadmap I needed to get started working towards my goal of launching my YouTube channel and I am confident that as I continue following the steps laid out in this course I will be able to reach my goals for a successful launch and growth.

The value of the guidance, direction, teaching, community, and resources provided in Creator Fast Track is immeasurable, and I'm so thankful to Gillian and her team for all they have put into this phenomenal program!

Dee Jones

CFT Student


I am so happy I took this course! I had already begun my YouTube channel, but I knew I could do better, I just didn't know how. When I saw Gillian was making a course to help you reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetized I was so excited. It was exactly what I needed.

By following the course I easily hit the first milestone, 100 subscribers, and now I feel confident that I'll hit 1,000 very soon.

Nicole Sauk

CFT Student

Are you ready to start making money on YouTube?

If your #1 goal is to reach 1,000 subscribers so you can monetize your YouTube channel, then Creator Fast Track is the program for you!

We designed this program to guide you through every step of the process so you can confidently start your channel and grow it to the 1K mark as quickly as possible.

If you're committed to your dream of building a successful YouTube channel and you're willing to dedicate at least 2-3 hours/week to this goal, then we'd love to work with you to reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone within the next three months.


Will it work for me?

The FAST TRACK method is based on the science of how the YouTube algorithm works and a proven strategy to work with the algorithm to get it to rank and suggest your videos to viewers, enabling you to quickly rack up views and grow your subscriber count.

The nature of YouTube's algorithm is that it works the same across all niches — and that means the FAST TRACK method does as well! This isn't a method that only works for educational channels, like many ranking strategies... You can use the FAST TRACK method for educational channels, and many of our students do, but you can also use it for lifestyle, gaming, music, art, and entertainment topic channels just as successfully!

To read the case studies and testimonials of past Creator Fast Track students, click here.

How long will it take to see results?

The program follows a 3-phase, 3-month schedule, with specific strategies and goals for each phase. Within the first 2-4 weeks you'll be able to grow your channel to 100 subscribers using the FAST TRACK method. You'll feel confident you're on track, and before you know it, your channel will reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetized!

What's the investment?

Creator Fast Track includes over $6,600 of training material, but we're committed to offering the program at a reasonable price that makes sense for our students — many of whom are starting their channels on tight budgets. All that to say... we have great sales that make it possible for anyone to join. 🙂 Sign up for the waitlist to find out next time enrollment opens and get access to our best pricing.