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I am so happy I took this course! I had already begun my YouTube channel, but I knew I could do better, I just didn't know how. When I saw Gillian was making a course to help you reach 1,000 subscribers and get monetized I was so excited. It was exactly what I needed.

By following the course I easily hit the first milestone, 100 subscribers, and now I feel confident that I'll hit 1,000 very soon.

Nicole Sauk - CFT student

"I loved how Gillian walked you through a simple way to narrow down the focus for your videos and know exactly who you're talking to through the CIV method! Plus, then you're targeting the right audience!

I was truly impressed that Gillian answered my question on her training call! It was extremely helpful to get specific advice from her!

Erin Grieger - CFT student

"I have been trying to grow my channel for a very long time, and despite following the advice from many experts, I was not making any visible progress. And that is when I found the Creator Track.

I absolutely love how detailed the course is: I was able to navigate each lesson and concentrate my time and attention to the specific areas that my channel needed help with. And my channel increased by 400% subscribers over just a few months of implementing what I have learned! "

Marta Tancula - CFT student

Realizing a 400% subscriber increase in less than three months of implementing CFT strategies!

Marta Tancula

Channel: Imperfect Life Balance

After more than two years of struggling to grow her YouTube channel, Marta was understandably frustrated. She’d get a few new subscribers… only to see them leave a few weeks later. There was never a steady increase, and growth was nonexistent.

Her frustrations mounted as she tried to apply what she learned from YouTube gurus but STILL didn’t see any significant changes. She knew what she was supposed to do, but she wasn’t getting the promised results.

Marta Tancula started her channel, Imperfect Life Balance, back in 2019, to share encouragement and motivation through a realistic lens of what everyday home and life management looks like for a working mom - NOT from a Pinterest-perfect perspective. 

Her goal for the channel? To reach 1,000 subscribers and get it monetized so she could create an extra source of family income.

When she found Creator Fast Track, the biggest problem she was trying to solve was to finally see what she was doing wrong and to change it. But one major hesitation lurked before she enrolled…

She wasn’t sure if the program would teach her anything she hadn’t already tried. She felt hesitant because she was thinking, “What else could Gillian tell me that I didn’t do already?"

However, despite her fears, Marta decided she had nothing to lose, so she joined Creator Fast Track, sitting at roughly 600 subscribers and about 1,500 watch hours. Up to this point, she had consistently posted 1-2 videos weekly for more than two years. 

For Marta, a type-A by nature, the program felt comprehensive and easy to navigate, the lessons were high quality both visually and content-wise, and she thoroughly enjoyed the step-by-step processes.

After receiving a customized channel audit and completing about 50% of the program’s content, Marta began implementing each change indicated by Gillian and our Channel Success Coaches, no matter how small and menial the suggestion was. Roughly 4-8 weeks after consistently implementing these changes, her channel exploded! One video took off out of nowhere, and within a month, she went from 600 subscribers to 1,500 and met the required watch hours for monetization. 

She actually thought it was a glitch because the growth happened so fast! 

Since that point, she has seen consistent, steady growth and says, It’s not even comparable to the first two years.” Her channel increased by 400% subscribers in just a few months of implementing what she learned from CFT. It may have taken her three years to hit 1,000 subscribers, but within a month and a half after hitting that mark, she more than doubled to 2,300 subs – and her growth isn’t slowing down!

One of the most valuable lessons CFT taught Marta was how to be real and vulnerable with her viewers and to show more of her real personality in her videos. If she were to pinpoint one reason her first video went viral, this would be it. She began sharing how the messy house directly affected her mentality, and she willingly showed off the authentic Marta, a full-time, working mama who has real messes and real stresses. 

Companies are now reaching out to her for collaborations and sponsorships, and she’s seeing the engagement on her channel increase from fluffy comments from other YouTube creators to a real-life community of working moms looking for support, which shows that she’s really fulfilling her original goal for the channel. Now she’s working on finding out what her audience wants and needs and to take that to the next level on her channel and in her business. 

If you ask her why she’s most glad she joined CFT, Marta will tell you it was the community and customized feedback she received:

"There are so many opportunities to ask questions and see what other people are doing. The advice was delivered in a different way than I see other people do. It’s not just one size fits all. It’s very personable and just felt so different. You can tell by the way Gillian explains it, and by the whole team, when they are talking to you, that they want you to be successful. They really try hard to understand what your problem is, to get to the bottom of it, and give some suggestions.”

Should YOU join CFT? Marta thinks it would save you a lot of headache and frustration.

"It's laid out in such an easy way to follow, and getting that constant feedback as you’re going through your journey, you don’t feel like you’re doing it alone. When you’re struggling with something, you know there are other people struggling in the same area, you can go and ask and be sure that you’re getting advice that’s actually going to help you. I wish that Gillian was creating this program when I was just starting! But, it’s never too late. My channel was struggling for two years before, and I felt like I was doing everything right, but after applying all the tips, it blew up for me. Definitely don’t even think about it, just join!”

Marta Tancula

Creator Fast Track Student

A Clear Roadmap

Creator Fast Track has been an absolute game-changer for me with taking action towards starting and launching my YouTube channel.  I'm still working on filming and launching my first few videos, but already this course has given me the clear roadmap I needed to get started working towards my goal of launching my YouTube channel and

I am confident that as I continue following the steps laid out in this course I will be able to reach my goals for a successful launch and growth.  

The value of the guidance, direction, teaching, community, and resources provided in Creator Fast Track is immeasurable, and I'm so thankful to Gillian and her team for all they have put into this phenomenal program! 

Dee Jones

Creator Fast Track Student


Molly Ann Luna

Channel: Molly Ann Luna

After dabbling on and off with YouTube for 10 years, in August 2019, Molly Ann Luna decided it was time to focus on one specific niche and to use video to build a strong community. This is when she launched the Online Business Clinic. 

Molly felt nudged to make this finite decision after having baby #2 and wanting to be present at home for all the precious milestones with her kids. She no longer wanted to be clocking 50-plus hours a week and realized YouTube could be the tool to unlock the ability for her to work less. 

One of the things that was going on behind the scenes in her business as her story unfolded is that, even though for years she wasn’t using YouTube to its greatest advantage, she was still gaining high-ticket clients through emailing videos to her list. That’s when the power of video was really sparked for her, and she realized she should work on ranking in search where people from around the world could find her.

The biggest goal she has with her channel is to grow a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs who want to live debt-free and build an online business that can create flexibility and build true wealth.

However, even though she made this decision to get laser focused, she was struggling to get her channel off the ground. In the fall of 2020 she invested several thousand dollars into a YouTube course and hired an SEO expert to help her with her 2021 content plan. But, 9 months later, she still wasn’t seeing the results she hoped for when investing in the outside help.

That’s when Molly watched Gillian’s free YouTube workshop. She was immediately sold on Creator Fast Track when she heard Gillian share in the workshop that what could be holding her back is the belief that it has to take a lot of time for things to happen, rather than realizing she needed a strategy that works. That key piece lit a fire under Molly to take action one more time and see if she could get the results she desired.

“My first impression with Creator Fast Track was, wow! This is really organized. This is really wonderfully laid out. I really appreciated, and didn’t know this prior to enrolling in Creator Fast Track, that there are different strategies that you need to use to be able to grow your YouTube channel from 0-100 and then another strategy from 100-1000 and then another from 1,000 and beyond.”

After just 12 weeks and posting nine videos with Gillian’s method, Molly saw her (previously stagnant channel) grow by a staggering 25%. She’s now consistently seeing new people subscribe to her channel each and every time she posts a video. This helped Molly see that she’s producing better and better content with each episode.

"Of all the online courses I’ve taken, the thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve invested, I love Gillian’s teaching style, and her course has been the best and most organized and best experience I’ve had in all the online courses I’ve taken. I genuinely love Creator Fast Track.”

We loved hearing more about Molly's story...

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Angelika Yevstratenko

Creator Fast Track Student

Reaching 2,000+ subscribers and now a Creator Fast Track mentor!

I am so thankful to Gillian and her team for Creator Fast Track! This program has helped me to reach almost 2,000 subscribers and beyond! My channel is now consistently gaining views, subscribers, and watch hours.

With the help of Creator Fast Track, I was able to get my channel monetized and start making a little extra cash from YouTube. I am confident that my channel will keep growing because Creator Fast Track has set me up for success! 

I believe that this program is so successful because Gillian has created an easy, step-by-step process to improve, or to start your YouTube Channel, with direct action steps. And the Facebook support group is amazing! I know that if I post any YouTube related question in there, I will get a helpful answer. Thank you so much Gillian for helping me succeed with YouTube!


A few of our students who have grown their channels from 0 ➡ 1,000+ subscribers with the FAST TRACK method.

Angelika Yevstratenko
Robert Wilkins
Leslie Horn
Tiffany Pichardo


Shelby Lewis

Channel: Shelby Loves Shakespeare

How would you like to have 170 subscribers the very first day you launch your channel? And, not just any channel… a channel about something you LOVE? That’s Shelby’s story, and after joining Creator Fast Track, she is confident in her ability to reach 1,000 subscribers and beyond and to use this platform as a sounding board for her passion.

Shelby is a classically trained actress who loves Shakespeare. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all her in-person gigs and contracts disappeared. Though she was supplementing her income as an online acting coach, she missed her performing roles. That’s when she decided to start her own performance on YouTube! She knew that the channel could also be a great way to draw in additional students for her coaching business.

“I would love to be THE Shakespeare resource on this platform!”

The main problem she faced starting out was the fear and nerves of putting herself out there in a whole new way. Would what she created be worth watching, and would she be good enough? This mental hurdle of believing in herself, building up her confidence, and adjusting to a new stage challenged Shelby. 

Despite those hurdles, she took the leap of faith and started. The first day she publicly launched her channel, she hit 170 subscribers! This is the exact strategy Gillian teaches in CFT because she’s a big believer that how you start the beginning sets the pace for how your channel grows.

One of the biggest challenges that motivated Shelby to join Creator Fast Track was being unsure of how she was going to take that leap from 100 to 1,000 subscribers. Doing the mental math of how many subscribers she was getting per video, she realized it would take her a long time to get to where she wanted if she didn’t change something. 

Gillian asked how much it would be worth to her to have a proven strategy for growing her channel. After some thought, Shelby came up with a dollar amount. It was helpful for her to put a value on the program for the little budget she had, and she was blown away when she discovered how much less Creator Fast Track cost than the number she’d written down.

“Creator Fast Track seemed very clean. It seemed approachable. Everything was very intuitive, and I appreciated the PDF resources. I felt like I could get an overview within a few clicks. Brand-wise I already trusted that the content would be good, and then for the user experience to be so simple and pleasant! It felt encouraging the whole way through and very easy to navigate. It was something pleasurable rather than, okay, I have to go do an assignment.”

Shelby reached more than 100 subscribers her first day of launching her channel, one video received 224 views in 24 hours, and she’s well on her way to 1,000. She can see it more clearly and is confident that the silver 100k YouTube plaque is attainable for her. 

Much of on-stage acting is out of her control, but her YouTube channel is completely in her control. She says it’s a really good balance going forward and both will serve each other as she builds her acting portfolio each week and influences the world with Shakespeare.

"I would highly recommend CFT no matter where you’re at in your YouTube journey. I feel like just from Gillian’s channel I got enough confidence to try, and then this program swooped in and gave me everything else in a very detailed way that felt like it was completely catered to me at whatever stage I was in. I’m going through the course again right now, and it’s reaffirming why I got it in the first place.”

Shelby Lewis

Creator Fast Track Student

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Want to hear Shelby's whole story? Check it out! 👇

Some praise in our Creator Fast Track Mastermind community...

Increased watch time by 91%

"My channel was well underway before I found Creator Fast Track, but this course helped me build a more intentional, expansive channel.

In the last 90 days, my subscriber count has grown by 97 (I'm at 623 as of today), watch time has gone up 91% and the average view duration is up 29%. 

Anecdotally, I'm getting great feedback from long-time viewers who love the new content and my more frequent postings."

Jeff Terry

Creator Fast Track Student

a program that works

“The fast track program Gillian and her team have put together is really great and the most effective program of its kind I’ve seen.

Their client support is a model example and sets the standard in my opinion for all training programs. I wish Gillian and her team all the best success, and I will do my part to not bring down the curve.

Thanks again for a program that actually works.”


David Stokely

Creator Fast Track Student



Channel: Website Help for Business Owners

Even though she’s been a website designer for more than 20 years, Nicole Sauk felt overwhelmed when it came to launching her own business. She didn’t know where to start or how to grow and quickly realized that she couldn’t just sit and wait for clients to find her. She needed to figure out a way to put herself out there and grow an audience.

Nicole knew that YouTube would be an incredible marketing opportunity for her service-based business because it was a way to grow her reputation as a trusted expert in the web design field and build prospective clients’ confidence in her abilities. And that’s exactly what she knew she needed.

She jumped into the YouTube world after doing a bit of research and binge-watching Gillian’s videos, but the video content Nicole created wasn't quite the quality she desired. 

What was her biggest challenge? The results weren’t showing up as fast as she wanted. She knew, just as with any digital marketing content, it would take time and energy to grow, but she felt discouraged when she didn’t see results immediately flowing in.

“I didn’t really have a plan. I didn’t have a schedule. I didn’t make time for it. I would get client work and I just wouldn’t make YouTube a priority. My channel didn’t really do much until I found Gillian’s course - it gave me a path!”

Her initial goal was reaching 1,000 subscribers, and when Nicole came across Creator Fast Track and learned about the outcomes of the program, she thought, “It was made for me.”

The course gave her a clear path to follow, and she loved that Gillian told her exactly what to do to get to where she wanted to go. She began working on improving her videos with Gillian’s methods and created thumbnails that grabbed people’s attention. Nicole learned - with a nudge from Gillian - that the key to succeeding on YouTube is making it a priority: to be on a schedule and to make time to do it. 

She’s now consistently seeing new subscribers join her channel every day, and the clickthrough rate on her thumbnails has climbed to an impressive 6 percent. 

“There’s just so much value. It’s like Gillian put everything in there that I could need - stuff I didn’t even know I wanted, so it was just an easy ‘yes!’”

Since joining Creator Fast Track, Nicole is well on her way to 1,000 subscribers, and she’s seen the power of video in her business, already having scheduled two additional client calls as a direct result of video marketing.

“If your goal is that you want a YouTube channel and you want it to grow, it’s just the best thing to start out. Why not have somebody that's successful on YouTube tell you exactly what to do to get where you want to go? It’s a no-brainer.”

What Nicole had to say about CFT

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