Want to start a profitable YouTube channel, but not sure how to get started & create a loyal following?

Join the Channel Launch program and learn my step-by-step plan for growing a successful YouTube channel from scratch!

Right now, you’re stuck with a LOT of questions...

Questions like...

  • What should I name my channel?
  • Will anyone even want to watch my videos?
  • How can I attract subscribers quickly?
  • What types of videos get the most views?
  • How can I get my videos to rank well in YouTube search?

Inside CHANNEL LAUNCH I answer all these questions, as well as many more -- all based on the extensive research of my marketing team + everything I’ve learned as I grew my channel to over 100,000 subscribers in its first 15 months...

And then went on to attract over 300,000 subscribers in just two years!

At this point, we’re about to reach 20 MILLION VIEWS -- and it wasn’t because I “got lucky.”

With the research-based strategies I used, anyone can create success on YouTube! And that’s exactly what I teach inside Channel Launch.


YouTube Success from Scratch

The Channel Launch program includes:

  • 7 core modules: 25+ detailed video lessons with Gillian Value: $997
  • Group coaching sessions with Gillian Value: $250/each
  • Checklists and worksheets to help you implement what you learn Value: $200
  • YouTube creator mastermind group Value: $2400/year
  • Lifetime dedicated email support Value: $1200/year

Total value: $5,000+

What You’ll Accomplish with

In 6 modules of bite-sized, actionable video lessons, you’ll learn everything about growing a profitable YouTube channel from scratch including…

How I built my channel from 0 - 300K+ subs as an introvert with no professional speaking or broadcasting experience, and how I put out weekly videos even as a busy mom of three kids.

The strategies I use to produce super-pro looking videos with a simple setup that you can duplicate at home to impress your viewers and grow your audience.

Most importantly, I’ll teach you how the algorithm actually works, so that you can get it to work FOR you and get more views and subscribers with ZERO time spent promoting your videos on social media.

What if you could launch a growing YouTube channel like mine, all by making the simple choice to join us inside the program?

Our students prove it's possible for anyone.

Kitty Turner

Channel Launch Student

“When I was first starting my business, buying Channel Launch was the reason I considered YouTube as a marketing avenue. The course gave me the idea that it could be a potential content marketing avenue for me, and I probably never would have started my channel without this beginner-friendly introduction. 

With Gillian’s help and mentorship I’ve been able to turn my online business into a full time job. I’m now able to support my family financially, so my husband can stay at home to homeschool our son.

I launched my YouTube channel shortly after joining Channel Launch, and knowing that I was starting from the right framework with Gillian’s help gave me the confidence to try new things while growing my business.”

Meagan J.

Channel Launch Student

“Channel Launch boosted my algorithm and SEO knowledge so I can get great results for my Virtual Assistant (VA) clients on YouTube.

My client was thrilled when she added over 10,000 subscribers in 5 months and started making more sales. In less than a year of my helping her she has nearly doubled her YouTube subscriber count over the previous 12 months.

When I purchased Channel Launch, I just had a few VA clients, but once I had good success with them my client base has grown to the point that I actually had to tell my clients to stop sending referrals to me because I can’t take on more work! Thank you Gillian!”

Kenny Loy

Channel Launch Student

"After taking Gillian's Channel Launch course, I was able to finally launch our YouTube channel with confidence just one month ago! My wife and I are health coaches and our channel (Kenny and Joann) is about helping people to go more raw to restore energy and immunity.  In our first month, we have averaged one new subscriber per day and ten views per day.

Our videos have consistently ranked number three in YouTube search, due to the technique Gillian teaches about keyword tags. Some of our views come from YouTube suggested videos, which is awesome! A more successful influencer in our niche found us and was very complimentary, so I hope to do a collaboration soon.

Our videos aren't perfect, but they keep getting better! And I found that I absolutely love to edit videos! I highly recommend Gillian's Channel Launch! It motivated me to hit record and get started! You rock, Gillian! Thanks for all you do!"

Join now and become our next success story!

Want to know EXACTLY what’s taught in each module?

Here's the breakdown:


Module 1: Planning A Successful YouTube Channel

​In Module 1, you'll choose a name, theme, and launch strategy for your channel.


Module 2: Researching Viral Video Topics To Grow Your Audience

In Module 2, you'll learn exactly how to research viral video topics, discover how to use my viral video worksheet, and understand my top tips for YouTube success.


Module 3: Producing Pro Quality YouTube Videos

In Module 3, you'll learn how to get an affordable filming setup, edit your videos with Premiere Pro CC, and what type of production schedule I recommend if you're a busy person like me.


Module 4: Branding Your Channel For Success

In Module 4, you'll learn how to create thumbnails and an overall winning visual brand for your channel (no design background required!).


Module 5: Uploading Your YouTube Videos With SEO In Mind

In Module 5, you'll learn why your titles and tags are so important, how to upload your videos properly, and the nuts and bolts of SEO on YouTube (hint: It's really one big search engine!).


Module 6: Promoting Your Channel To Grow Even Faster

Explain exactly what this module will teach them, and use names of individual lessons if you can. You might want to include the number of lessons, the length of each lesson, or any other information. But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own


BONUS Module: Monetizing Your Channel For Maximum Profit

In this bonus module, you'll discover how to monetize your channel quickly, script your videos for maximum income, and my simple sales funnel you can use to attract paying customers from your YouTube audience.


Extra Resources to Ensure Your Success

Bi-monthly group coaching sessions with Gillian, access to all previous coaching sessions, worksheets and checklists for planning your channel, uploading videos, video research, video planning, channel launch guide, and more.

Bonus 1
Access to the Channel Launch
Resource Library

The resources library contains valuable templates, checklists, and swipe copy to make is EASY to take action on what you learn in the Channel Launch lessons.

You'll find worksheets for keyword research and planning your videos, templates for structuring your video descriptions, checklists for launching your channel, and more!

Bonus 2
Coaching with Gillian Perkins

Every other month, Gillian hosts a LIVE training session where she reviews the channels of our students and provides group coaching.

As a Channel Launch student, you'll have the opportunity to have YOUR channel featured during one of these live sessions!

Bonus 3
Dedicated Email Support

Reach out to our knowledgeable support time to get personalized support and 1-on-1 coaching for your unique challenges and YouTube goals.

Hi there! I’m Gillian Perkins.

I’m the CEO of Startup Society and the creator of Channel Launch. Over the past 2 years, my small team and I have conducted thousands of tests on my YouTube channel to discover EXACTLY what you should focus on in order to attract subscribers and video views. We’ve also analyzed hundreds of other channels to learn even more, such as:

  • What type of videos perform best on YouTube
  • Simple differences that separate successful, growing channels from those that stay stagnant
  • Thumbnail designs that attract more views
  • Easy steps that you can take to triple your YouTube revenue-- even with a small channel
  • How to grow you channel faster by getting on the “good side” of the YouTube algorithm.

It’s been quite a learning experience, because many of the things we learned along the way were NOT what we expected.

I was shocked by how often what the “experts” taught was NOT what worked.

But, after over a year of research and testing, I can honestly say we’ve figured the best strategies for YouTube growth.

How do I know?

Because using the simple tactics you’ll learn inside Channel Launch, I’ve been able to grow my channel about 20X faster than average (And that’s in a very competitive niche on YouTube!).

Now that we have enough data to backup everything we’ve learned, I’m beyond excited to share these strategies with YOU to help achieve the same sort of success with your own channel.


"Gillian made the whole process less intimidating, and gave me the confidence to actually launch my channel!"

Reggie Sweat Channel Launch Student


“I tripled my income from YouTube because I implemented Gillian’s advice...”

Elizabeth Skordinski Channel Launch Student

  • 7 core modules: 25+ detailed video lessons with Gillian Value: $997
  • Group coaching sessions with Gillian Value: $250/each
  • Checklists and worksheets to help you implement what you learn Value: $200
  • YouTube creator mastermind group Value: $2400/year
  • Lifetime dedicated email support Value: $1200/year





  • 7 core modules: 25+ detailed video lessons with Gillian Value: $997
  • Group coaching sessions with Gillian Value: $250/each
  • Checklists and worksheets to help you implement what you learn Value: $200
  • YouTube creator mastermind group Value: $2400/year
  • Lifetime dedicated email support Value: $1200/year





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Our Guarantee

Your SUCCESS is our #1 priority.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the program, simply let us know within the first 45 days and we'll issue you a full refund, no questions asked.


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