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Get the training you need to take control of the success of your next launch.

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Launch Like a Boss is for you if...

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    You're a coach or online course creator whose sales could use a major boost
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    You understand how powerful Facebook ads can be, but you can't afford to hire a full-time ads manager
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    You know you can create a successful, profitable launch if you just get the right training
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    Your past launches have been seriously underwhelming OR you've never launched before

"Launch Like a Boss changed everything."

"I was having a hard time getting enough new clients in the doors (I’m a dietician), so I decided to give “Launch Like a Boss” a try. I knew I needed to do something different with how I was marketing my small business!

Over these past three months I’ve planned and launched a brand new program, and it’s become my most popular ever! LLAB truly changed everything for my business."

- Breea DePaul
Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Why I Created Launch Like a Boss

My first course launch was a major FLOP. Not a single person bought. 

After that, I launched again. And again. And again.

It took me nearly a half-dozen tries before I started actually making real money.

What finally made the difference? Easy: Facebook Ads.

Honestly, even when my launches were FAILING, I knew I should have been advertising. I saw other, successful entrepreneurs selling out their programs and filling up their waiting lists with their ads, and I knew I needed to take that step in my own business.

So, why did I wait so long? Well, I was broke, for one. And I was totally worried any money I invested would just be wasted, since I didn't really know what I was doing.

But, finally, I scrounged up the money -- and the courage -- to invest in some ads & the training to learn how to run them.

Let's just say, I've never looked back.

Gillian Perkins Bio

Here's how it works >>

Over a period of 10 weeks, you learn how to be your own Facebook ads manager + sales funnel strategist! 
Launch Like a Boss is a LIVE training program that combines video tutorials, real-world assignments, and 1-on-1 coaching to teach you everything you need to know to take control of the success of your next launch.

Plus, you'll get lifetime access to all of the program materials, which means you can revisit the trainings as often as you need to!

WEEKS 1 - 5: Facebook Ads
>> All the basics of how to run FB ads, easy enough for beginners to understand
>> Intermediate & advanced tactics for optimizing you ads to get the best results possible

>> Behind the scenes in my own FB ads manager (I show how I turn every $1 I spend into $3 - $5)!
>> Exactly how I keep my ads/ad sets/campaigns organized to save my sanity & make split-testing a piece of cake
>> Special strategies for running ads on a small budget -- and still getting great results!

WEEKS 6 - 8: Sales Funnels
>> Learn step-by-step how to build my three favorite sales funnels
>> Exactly how I build momentum and anticipation into my launches
>> The NINE emails I send during every launch (Yes, I'll be sharing swipe files!)
>> Easy tools that make setting up your funnel pages & connecting everything a dream

​WEEKS 9 - 10: Putting It All Together
>> The exact schedule I use for my own launches
>> A simple system for keeping your launch organized
>> What to do first (+ how to take action and AVOID overwhelm)
>> A step-by-step plan for your first launch

End Result?

Two months from now, you'll be fully equipped to be YOUR OWN Facebook ads manager & sales funnel strategist. You'll hold the keys to creating successful launches all on your own.

"I'd tried everything." 

"I’d tried everything, but nobody was buying my e-course. I’d spent almost six months writing all the lessons, but when I tried to sell it to my email list, I didn’t sell a single copy.

When Gillian approached me about trying Launch Like a Boss, I wasn’t sure if it would work. I’d tried Facebook ads before, but they just seemed like a waste of money.

I’m glad I turned out to be wrong!! We just finished my second launch, and it was amazing! I sold enough copies of my e-course to completely cover my mortgage for the next year. 

Thank you, Gillian!!"

- Keshia White
St. Louis, Missouri 

Who should join Launch Like a Boss?

If you're a coach or online course creator, you're in the right place! Launch Like a Boss works best for people who sell digital products and services online.

Who is it NOT for? LLAB isn't designed for selling low-priced physical products, or for local (brick & mortar) businesses. 

You won't BELIEVE these bonuses!!

ONE. Copies of my own PERSONAL launch calendars
Want to see behind the scenes of my most successful launches? These calendars reveal aaall the details. 
Value: $75

TWO. Lifetime access to my bestselling LAUNCH PLANNING mini course!
Four powerful training videos + accompanying worksheets guide you through the process of planning out a successful launch. Normally sold a la carte for $145.

​THREE. Personal sales page REVIEW
At any time during the 10 weeks of Launch Like a Boss, just say the word and I'll go check out your sales page. You'll receive a detailed video review, in which I'll walk you through the good, bad, and exactly what I'd change for best results. 
Regular price: $197

FOUR. Three 20-minute LIFELINE CALLS (YES, really!!)
I saved the best for last. 😀 During LLAB, whenever you run into any questions or hangups, just use your unique link to schedule a one-on-one call with me, Gillian Perkins. We'll spend 20 minutes on the phone or Skype, hashing it all out. By the end of your call, your questions will be answered, your problems will be solved, and you'll be all kinds of fired up to get back to work.
Regular price: $250

"Finally my business is really supporting our family, not just draining my energy."

"Hand lettering is my passion, but trying to turn it into a business was killing my love for it. I wanted to make money doing something I was passionate about, but I wasn’t making any money, and it was wasting so much of my time. I’m a mom and work a full-time job also, so I really didn’t have time to “waste” at all.

Gillian asked me if I’d be open to teaching a course on hand lettering, instead of just selling physical products, and I decided to try it. We decided to do a short promotion, since I was going to teach the course live and just wanted to give it a try.

The results have been amazing! Over the past month I’ve had 16 people enroll in my online hand lettering course, which means that finally my business is truly supporting my family, not just draining my energy! I’m actually earning money doing what I love!"

Linzie Hunter
Buffalo, New York

Which Package Fits YOUR Biz?

Basic Package
Launch Like a Boss + Bonuses

  • LIVE 10-Week Launch Like a Boss Program 
    ($297 value)
  • My personal launch calendars ($75 value)
  • Ready, Set, Launch! program ($145 value)
  • Personal sales page review ($197 value)
  • Three 20-minute LIFELINE CALLS ($250 value)

$297 ($964 VALUE!)

Or, click here to make three monthly payments of $100 instead.

Premium Package
Launch Like a Boss + Bonuses + Coaching Calls

  • LIVE 10-Week Launch Like a Boss Program
    ($297 value)
  • My personal launch calendars ($75 value)
  • Ready, Set, Launch! program ($145 value)
  • Personal sales page review ($197 value)
  • Three 20-minute LIFELINE CALLS ($250 value)

+ Two 40-minute Coaching Calls with Gillian Perkins ($300 value)

$597 ($1,264 VALUE!)

Or, click here to make three monthly payments of $200 instead.

My Story

I started my entrepreneurial journey way back in high school, and I've now worked for myself for over 11 years. It's been an amazing journey!

About three years ago I decided to start my first online business -- and let's just say that was a whole different ball game. 

For the first 18 months, I barely made any money. I was hustling 40 - 60 hours per week, but it wasn't getting me anywhere.

I thought that I just needed to "be consistent" and "keep hustling" and I'd eventually see results, but after 18 months of being consistent on 5+ social media platforms, I realized that something had to change. I had to figure out a way to market my business that actually generated sales.

That's when I finally invested some time and money into learning how to advertise my business like a professional. Within just a few weeks, I started actually making sales! I was SO relieved that something was finally working, and I couldn't stop smiling.

Today, my business is supporting my family and continues to grow more month after month. I couldn't be more glad I finally found the courage to invest in my business -- and in myself.

Some people say I'm crazy...

Because I'm so confident that Launch Like a Boss will enable you to create success that I PROMISE your next launch will be your most profitable ever.

In fact, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with Launch Like a Boss, just let us know and we'll give you an immediate, full refund -- no questions asked.

Now that's what I call win-win!

Not much time left!


Enrollment for the next session of Launch Like a Boss closes at midnight (EST) on Wednesday, October 25th. That means there's not much time left to join!
So, if you're tired of constantly hustling and ready to start marketing your business in a truly scalable, efficient fashion, then click that button and sign up now!