Increase Your Productivity By Creating Boundaries With Dannie Lynn Fountain

Boundaries are essential for increasing our productivity. 

They give us the time, space, and energy we need to be able to create the work/life balance that ensures that work doesn’t take over their lives.

Boundaries are there to protect our personal lives and our sanity. They make sure that we’re not working too much, get a little bit of downtime, and that we have breathing room to work on our business not just in our business.

It’s the strength of these boundaries and the limiting of our working hours that mean we can work less while still keeping our profits high. Setting firm boundaries means that emails don’t take up all of our time, that we don’t take meetings on Fridays, and we definitely don’t work weekends. 

It’s within these boundaries that our businesses are permitted to grow.

Today on the show, I'm interviewing Dannie Lynn Fountain, the founder and facilitator at Focused On People, a consultancy that seeks to help companies grow people-first through communication strategies. 

Dannie is an absolute productivity magician who manages a seemingly impossible workload. 

She brings in six figures annually from a business that she spends only a handful of hours on each week. In order to do this, Danny needs a lot more than just time.

In order to do this, she needs to have a great strategy because, if she works on the wrong things for those few hours each week, then she would definitely be seeing different results.

This is exactly what Dannie and I talk about today on the podcast, uncovering a few of her secrets along the way. 


  • How Dannie balances running her six-figure business with a full-time job at Google, a thriving career as a public speaker, a 2-hour commute (both ways!), and pursuing her doctorate
  • How we can become more productive by creating boundaries for ourselves
  • Three boundaries Dannie set to allow her to be insanely productive
  • Why most entrepreneurs find themselves addicted to the hustle at some point–and what to do about it
  • Focused On People
  • Dannie’s Instagram


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