How to use Facebook Ads for FREE to grow your email list

What if I told you there was a way to use Facebook ads for FREE to grow your email list?

Well, you probably wouldn’t even believe me, but if you did, you’d realize that this would be beyond amazing. After all, Facebook ads are such a powerful tool that you’d be able to grow your email list with no bounds.

Facebook ads can allow you to efficiently reach any segment of their nearly 2 billion registered users. That is a whole lot of potential customers ready and waiting for you!

Not only is there a LOT of potential leads, but Facebook also makes it so convenient to reach the right people with your marketing messages. Their audience targeting tools are incredibly advanced, allowing you to efficiently show your adverts only to those people who will actually care.

So it would pretty much be the most amazing thing ever if you could use Facebook ads for free, right??

And it’s actually possible, with a strategic, well-built sales funnel.

What does a sales funnel have to do with using FB ads for free? Allow me to explain.

First of all, any money you spend on Facebook ads is an investment, not simply an expense. This is vital to understand.

Take a look at this definition:



  1. expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material gain

When you spend money on advertising (including Facebook ads), you do so with the expectation that, at some point down the road, you’ll make a return on your investment.

ROI = Return on Investment

And if you’re resisting spending money on ads, then it’s most likely because you can’t clearly see how you’ll be able to get a good ROI any time soon.

Check out this article that explains how to use Facebook Ads for FREE to grow your email listBack to “how to use Facebook ads for free” — the basic idea is: If you create a system that allows you to earn at least the amount you spend on the ads, then they are effectively yours to use for free.

Said another way: If you earn at least $100 for every $100 you spend on ads, then those ads didn’t cost you anything. Those ads were free.

And once you get to that point, FB ads become your slave. What’s to stop you from spending $100, $200 or even more every day, growing your email list (and your traffic, and your business) exponentially?

At that point, the only thing that will eventually halt your growth is a lack of people who are interested in your product. For most businesses, that milestone is a long way off.

All this (and more) is possible with a strategically built sales funnel.

A sales funnel is simply a system or series of steps that guides people from the point when they first hear about your company to eventually making a purchase. Here are a few examples:

Simple Sales Funnel:

Facebook Ad >> Product Page >> Sale

Facebook Ad >> Product Page >> No Sale >> Retarget with Facebook Ads >> Product Page >> Sale

Email Marketing Funnel:

Facebook Ad >> Landing Page w/ Free Opt-In Offer >> Email Welcome Sequence >> Email Pitch Sequence >> Sale

Multi-Step Ad Funnel:

Facebook Ad (Engagement Objective) >> Retarget Facebook Ad (Opt-In Conversion Objective) >> Retarget Facebook Ad (Sale Conversion Objective) >> Sale

As you can see, these funnels can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Generally, cheaper, simpler products do well with simpler funnels, and more expensive, complicated products need longer funnels.

Here’s the math on how Facebook ads can be free:

$300 ad spend = 100 x $3 leads

2% conversion rate = 2 sales

In this scenario, if your product is over $150 then you’re Facebook ads are effectively FREE.

Or, how about this:

$200 ad spend = 200 x $1 clicks

10% conversion rate = 20 sales

If your product sells for over $10, then your ads would be free!

The math for every unique product will be completely different, depending on the type of product, price point, and audience. These examples just serve to show you two quite different situations.

How can you apply this to your business? Well, if you don’t have a sales funnel, it’s time to create one! I’ve created a guide that gives a visual diagram of five successful sales funnels that have worked for my clients. (And don’t worry, the guide includes information about which types of products work with each funnel.)

For a limited time, I’m offering “Sales Funnels: A Visual Guide” as a FREE download. You can get your copy now by clicking here.

5 Sales Funnel Diagrams | Visual Sales Funnel Playbook

On the other hand, if you don’t feel up to building your funnel yourself, I would highly recommend that you invest in having a professional create one for your business. In the long run, that initial investment will give you the opportunity to expand your audience exponentially, making it well worth the initial price.

Once your funnel is up and running, it’s time to “turn on the tap” and start driving traffic with Facebook ads.

Ironically, many “sales funnel experts” seem to conveniently (or inconveniently, depending on how you look at it) skip this important step! They construct fancy sales funnels for their clients, collect their paycheck, and then the customer is left with a barren sales funnel that creates zero sales.

The lesson here: sales funnels only work if you send traffic into them! Facebook ads are the perfect way to do this with complete control.

Of course, there are also many free ways to drive traffic into funnels as well, and I always advise my clients to take advantage of these opportunities as well. However, the reality is that many entrepreneurs are too busy to have much time — a truly limited resource — to invest in driving traffic. Money, on the other hand, can be effectively “recycled” by reinvesting it into progressively larger ad campaigns.

It’s funny, isn’t it, that we happily, loosely spend our one irreplaceable resource (time) and cling to our money with iron fists…

5 Sales Funnel Diagrams | Visual Sales Funnel PlaybookIn conclusion: if you’re ready to scale your business, Facebook ads are a fantastic way to do so, and can effectively be used for free. All you need is a strategic sales funnel and some insight on which audience will be warmly receptive to your marketing message.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to download my free sales funnel visual playbook. Not only will it show you which type of funnel will work best for your specific product, but it also provides a “map” of each funnel that you can use as you create your own.

Happy funneling!


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