How Natalie Went From Zero Experience to Thriving Business Owner

Like so many entrepreneurs, Natalie Burns felt lost in her journey of trying to start a business. With zero experience, she wasn’t really sure where to start.

Natalie Burns is a teacher who has transformed her passion for homeschooling into a successful business. As a homeschooling mom herself, she knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of teaching children at home. She also saw that many other homeschooling moms were struggling to teach with confidence and create a peaceful home learning environment. That's why she founded her own business, Natalie Burns Homeschool Mentorship, with the aim of helping homeschooling moms thrive.

Natalie had no business experience before joining VALIDATE, and she didn't know where to get started. She knew she wanted to work from home, earn more, and have unlimited potential, but she didn't know how to achieve that. 

“Before I found out about VALIDATE, I had zero business experience. I knew absolutely nothing when it came to starting up a business. The most frustrating problem that I had, that I really needed to solve, was knowing where to get started. But, in fact, I didn't even realize how many problems I really had until I got started with VALIDATE.”

One day on YouTube she stumbled across Gillian Perkins when she was searching for videos on how to start a business. She landed on Gillian’s free business plan. She said, “I used that template and loved what I found, and so I started following her more on YouTube, and when VALIDATE was coming out, I knew that I needed it to help me set up my business on a firm foundation.”

Before VALIDATE, she had no idea how many problems she faced, nor how many pieces were needed to put together a successful business. VALIDATE provided her with a clear roadmap and actionable steps to take, which helped her build her business on a solid foundation.

Natalie's first goal when joining VALIDATE was to gain clarity, focus on her target audience, and determine her business goals. Through the program, she had an “aha moment” and discovered that there wasn’t enough demand for her original idea at all and that she wasn’t creating a product that her target customer wanted. She was just making something that she thought they wanted. 

Through the VALIDATE process, her course became a much stronger product because she found out exactly what homeschooling moms were looking for. 

Her biggest win with VALIDATE was, “I was able to create a business on a firm foundation. I learned everything I needed to know about starting a business from scratch. I am grateful for the VALIDATE program, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a business from the ground up.”

Overall, Natalie was able to turn her passion for homeschooling into a successful business that helps other homeschooling moms teach with confidence and create more peace in their homeschools. She successfully landed her first 3 clients as a result of the VALIDATE program. 

Natalie is living proof that with the right guidance and mindset, anyone can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams!

Gillian Perkins

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