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Since you want to grow a YouTube channel,
I’ve got a special mini-training just for you:

Pro Quality Videos
On A Shoestring Budget

It’s high time to bust the myth that getting started on YouTube has to be expensive, because it absolutely does NOT need to be.

The fact is, you can get great results using an affordable setup and in this training I’ll teach you exactly how to get started producing phenomenal videos on a budget of $100 or less!

In this video masterclass and accompanying guidebook, you’ll quickly learn:

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    How to produce videos without spending ANY money on new equipment.
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    The exact equipment I’d buy if I only had $100 to spend.
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    Which pieces of equipment really have the biggest impact on your video quality.
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    The best tools to edit videos for FREE or with $20 of editing software.
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    Plus a workbook with the step-by-step action plan to record and edit your first video on a budget!

This training is valued at $149, but if you act now you can get it for just $29.

(Don’t close this window, because once you do the offer expires!)

“Now that Gillian helped me get started, I’m shocked at how fast I went from being terrified of talking to the camera, to three weeks later getting excited about it. My mind shifted to “I can do this,” and I actually look forward to recording my videos now.”
                    -Caleb K.

Ready to stop waiting until you can afford expensive recording gear

and finally start your YouTube channel?

Purchase now to get immediate access to the video training and accompanying guidebook: