How to Make 5-Figures in One Week: Five Tips for Your Most Profitable Launch Ever

How to have a 5-figure launch // how to make thousands in one week // Gillian Perkins

Did the profits from your last launch disappoint? Here are 5 tips for how to have a FIVE-FIGURE launch. These are the most important strategies that I help my marketing clients work through so that we can pull of launches that bring in $20K+.

If you’ve spent any time at all in the online business or marketing space, then I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of people exclaiming over their “6-figure” launch. While it’s crazy to imagine pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars from a single promotion, based on my marketing experience I’m quite sure that many of these stories are true.

Hearing about others’ incredibly successful launches can be either inspiring, or depressing. On the one hand, it’s amazing what might be possible! But, on the other hand, if you compare their success to your own tiny launches, you could feel discouraged.

But, for most small businesses, pulling off a successful $20K, $30K, or $40K launch would be a huge cause for celebration! While it might not be enough to retire on, it’s probably a lot more than you typically make in a month, and could give your business the revenue boost necessary to invest in future [bigger] advertising campaigns to create even greater success.

When I work with my marketing clients on their launches, there are a handful of things that I really focus on driving home. These are tips that I know are absolutely necessary if they want to have the profitable launch they are dreaming of.

1. Pre-launch like your launch depends on it (because it does)

As you’re planning your launch, it can be easy to get caught up in the event itself: When will you open cart? How much will you charge? How will you promote your offer? What emails should you send, and when?

But what’s even more important than how you launch is how you pre-launch. That’s because the pre-launch sets your launch up for success.

5 absolutely essential parts of a successful (and profitable) launch // 5 tips for a 5-figure launch // Your Most profitable launch EVER // Gillian PerkinsImagine you want to “launch” a product, so you run out into the street and just start yelling, “Widget for sale! Today only! Only $20! 80% off regular prices!”

People would just think you were desperate. Or crazy. Or both.

That’s because they have no context for even why they would want to buy your widget. They don’t know what it could do for them. They don’t even know who you are or if they can trust you to tell them the truth about the widget. They aren’t in the right frame of mind to buy, at all.

Your pre-launch sets the stage for your launch. During the months leading up to your launch you can warm your audience up to the idea of your product. You can introduce yourself to new people so that they get to know you and start to develop trust for you.

People will only buy if they are in the right frame of mind to do so. The pre-launch is an essential part of getting them into the right state.

2. Plan your content to market your product

One of the two main components of a successful pre-launch is powerful content that helps to inspire and educate your audience to buy.

Think about it this way: prior to your pre-launch, your prospects may have no idea that they need the solution you’re going to offer. In fact, they might not even be aware that they have the problem that your product will solve.

But, you can educate them through blog posts, videos, and social media content such as:

  • 5 Common Website Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)
  • Why you aren’t getting new leads
  • The #1 reason your dog won’t listen to you
  • Beginner Crochet Mistakes (That will make your creations NOT FIT)

Once they are aware of their problem, you can further use content to inspire them. Inspirational content helps show your prospects what can be possible if they find a solution to their problem. It gives them something to dream about, which will make it much easier to sell your product later on.

For example:

Your pre-launch content is basically free advertising, and done right, it can subtly sell your product more powerfully than paid ads ever can. Use it to warm up your audience and make them eagerly anticipate your offer.

3. Schedule EVERYTHING

Having a pre-launch plan is great, but it won’t do you any good if you aren’t able to execute it. Scheduling has two important parts:

First, you need to plan out when each piece of your launch will happen. When will you publish each blog or video? What emails will you send your list, and when? What advertising will you do, and when will each of your campaigns run? When will your cart open?

Second, you must plan exactly when you will create all this content. It’s “very nice” to plan blogs, emails, etc., but if you don’t have the time to create then it’s not going to actually happen.

There are a whole lot of different pieces of the puzzle, and to get the launch results you’re after you need to map them all out so you can make sure they fit together well. Want some guidance planning your launch? I’m hosting my much anticipated “Ready, Set, Launch!” challenge October 16 – 19, 2017, and it could really give your next launch the boost you’re looking for! It’s completely free, and by the end of the challenge you’ll have created a detailed plan for your most successful launch yet! You can sign up for the challenge here.

4. Prep as much of your content ahead of time as possible

When you’re planning when you’ll create your launch (and pre-launch) content, try to schedule that work well ahead of when you’ll actually need the material.

5 absolutely essential parts of a successful (and profitable) launch // 5 tips for a 5-figure launch // Your Most profitable launch EVER // Gillian PerkinsThis is especially true of emails! Nobody likes writing vital emails on the day they need to be sent out. It can be very stressful and you’ll be in completely the wrong frame of mind. Writing at the last minute can leave you feeling desperate and overwhelmed, which can come out in your writing and scare off potential buyers.

It’s so much more comfortable (and will improve your conversion rates) to write when you have space to think and time to revisit what you wrote. Less pressure means you’ll write better and sound much more laid back. This is way more attractive than sounding desperate.

5. Use affiliates

Affiliate partners are the “secret sauce” that have allowed many small businesses to have massive launches (and grow their audience ten-fold in the process) with tiny marketing budgets.

Affiliates are basically salespeople who agree to work for you and get paid later (and on commission). Often, they come with large audiences of their own, which creates valuable opportunities for exposure for your brand.

If you’re considering using affiliates, be aware that you’ll get way better results if you don’t try to “force” anyone to sign up. Sure, you probably have some friends who you could convince to say “yes” they’ll promote your product, but they won’t be very self-motivated to do so, and you probably won’t see many sales.

Instead, you need to pitch the benefits of your affiliate program to prospective partners and let them decide for themselves. Create a sales page for your program, share it with your network, and then chat with people who express an interest in participating.

Of course, it’s perfectly alright to tell your dream partners that you’d love to work with them, but just don’t be too pushy. You only want people to promote your products who will do so authentically.

5 absolutely essential parts of a successful (and profitable) launch // 5 tips for a 5-figure launch // Your Most profitable launch EVER // Gillian Perkins6. Advertise!

In this age of a million forms of media, it’s easy to get very distracted and waste tons of your valuable time trying to promote yourself for free everywhere. Really, though, reaching a few hundred people on a half-dozen different platforms probably won’t be enough exposure to produce the launch success you’re trying to achieve.

Let’s talk about numbers for just a second:

To get 1 buyer, you probably need 20 – 50 people on your email list.

You need to promote an opt-in offer to 50 – 100 people to get 1 person to sign up.

That means that for ONE sale, you need 1000 – 5000 impressions of your message.

How many impressions can you honestly get with free social media? Especially considering the challenging algorithms on Facebook and Instagram?

And you probably want to make more than just one sale, right? Let’s say you want to make 50 sales — then you need 50,000 – 250,000 impressions.

Where the heck are you going to get that kind of traffic??

There are basically three options:

  1. The audience you already have (blog traffic, social media followers, email list)
  2. Exposure you get through affiliates
  3. Exposure you get through paid advertising

The truth is: most successful businesses that have impressively profitable promotions are paying for advertising.

I know it can be tempting to “just use free social media” when there seems to be so much of it, but paid advertising can take your message so much further with so much less time, that it really must be considered. It’s not an expense — it’s an investment.

And shouldn’t you invest in your own business? Especially when you know that every dollar you spend will return at least double? It’s a no-brainer when you look at it that way.

How to plan your most profitable launch ever

There’s a whole lot that goes into planning a successful launch that actually makes a significant profit, but it all comes down to four main components:

  1. Creating (and positioning) an offer that is so good your customers can’t say no.
  2. Using pre-launch content strategically to attract new leads and inspire + educate your current audience about why they need what you’re offering.
  3. Actually managing to advertise your launch effectively so that your target audience even knows about what you’re doing.
  4. Pulling it all off in an organized fashion, without working yourself so hard you never want to do it again.

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