Quality Content **Includes Alligator Encounters**

Yesterday afternoon, I was *supposed* to be working, but when I logged onto YouTube to respond to the comments on my latest video, something caught my eye and distracted me:

“I DIY'd My Vacation Wardrobe”


…”includes alligator encounters” the thumbnail read.


Do I normally watch videos about fashion DIYs? No. Do I normally watch videos about what people wore on vacation? Nope. Do I normally watch videos about alligator encounters? Um, no.

But something about the *terrible* thumbnail and the very strange combo of outfit DIYs + alligators triggered my curiosity. Before I even thought about what I was doing, I clicked on the video.

I then sat there, completely mesmerized, for the next 13 minutes and 53 seconds.

Then, I forwarded the video to my entire team via Slack, with the directive “watch this.”

This, THIS is quality content.

>> Not because the footage is beautiful — it's not. It's shaky and poorly lit.>> Not because the speaker is eloquent.

>> Not because it provides a great, helpful, step-by-step tutorial.”I was in such a rush that I didn't even get any good, in-depth footage of me making this, so it's not going to really be instructional.” << actual quote from the video.

But the entertainment value! It. is. GOLD.

A few days ago, when over on Instagram, I made the argument that QUALITY is more important than CONSISTENCY, several people responded with the excellent question, “Okay, but… what makes content ‘high quality'?”

This video is an example of how something can be “terrible” in plenty of ways, and yet still top quality. Truly “share-worthy.”

And, btw, it's not just because it's funny. It's because it's interesting.

I almost never share videos. I shared this one with a (+ my entire team + my husband.)

And THAT is why quality is king.

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