Ready, Set, Launch!
Day 2

Pre-launching is all about using content to attract, inspire, and educate potential customers. Let’s take a minute to consider exactly what that means:

Some of the content that you will create will serve to attract the people who may be potential customers to find you and your brand. It’s important to remember that what you offer for free determines who your audience is and what you will be able to sell to them.

As we talked about yesterday, your product/service either solves a problem for your customer or creates some other positive result. Right now, your potential customer doesn’t even know what is possible. They’re stuck right where they are, and it’s difficult for them to imagine their life looking any different. But you can use your pre-launch content to help them see how their life could be better with the solutions your product would create.

Let’s face it — many people don’t even realize they have a problem. Their website isn’t growing their business, but they don’t know that’s why they aren’t getting customers. Their photos don’t look as beautiful as they could, but they have no idea how to change that. Your pre-launch content can educate your potential customers about why they need your product.

Strategic pre-launch content can make the difference between having an audience that eagerly anticipates your product and one that is completely indifferent — and that difference can be the factor that determines how successful your launch will be.

In today’s video lesson, I’ll show you exactly how to figure out what content to create for your own pre-launch. I’ll also help you decide what type of content to create (videos, blogs, podcasts, Instagram posts, etc.), how many pieces of content to create, and when you should release them to the world.

Click here to watch the training for day two now!

Once you’ve finished watching the training video, it’s time to do today’s assignment. The first step is to fill out the worksheet to plan what content you’re going to create. Then you’ll schedule that content on your launch calendar.

And, finally, we can’t forget about today’s challenge question! Here it is:

What’s your favorite way to communicate with your audience?

Maybe you love creating helpful videos, beautiful Instagram posts, or just networking in Facebook groups. However you enjoy connecting, post in the challenge Facebook group to let us know! When you share your answer, you’ll be entered in today’s drawing — and this time I’m giving away this gorgeous pen.

Tomorrow we’re talking about the most important part of planning a successful launch that also happens to be the one almost everyone seems to conveniently forget. Honestly though, it’s my very favorite, because it’s basically the “power tool” that can 10x your launch’s profits (even if you’ve only just started your business). Don’t miss it!