Ready, Set, Launch!
Day 3

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It’s day #3 of the RSL challenge, and it’s time to talk about one of my favorite subject: advertising.

I know, I know, really? 

I mean, what is there to love about advertising? Isn’t it just difficult, expensive, and maybe even slimy?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be any of those things! Hear me out…

>> Advertising can be easy.
In fact, it actually works best when you keep it super simple. Of course, first you need to learn the ropes so that you actually know what to focus on, but after you’ve got those basics down, you can pretty much have fun with it and let it do its thing. (i.e. Let it explode your business!)

>> You don’t have to have a big budget.
For a really long time I didn’t advertise because “my marketing budget was zero.” I thought I didn’t have any money to invest, so I just didn’t advertise.

Well, the weird thing about this is that, if you don’t have money, that’s because you don’t have enough customers, and that’s actually a sign that you should be advertising more!

>> Selling can actually feel good.
Does your offer help people? Would their lives be better if they purchased your product? 

Selling (and advertising) shouldn't be about trying to manipulate people into buying something they don’t need. If you’re selling something that honestly helps people then:

a) they will want it if they are the right people and you simply explain clearly what the benefits are.
b) you’d actually be doing them a disservice if you don’t advertise your product.​

If your target customers would be better off with your product, then it’s your duty to tell them about the opportunity! Unless you advertise, they’ll never learn how to solve their problem or get the results that they really desire.

In today’s training video I’m going to share with you exactly how I advertise my own launches to generate thousands of dollars of profit, while keeping my advertising budget at a minimum.

Specifically, I’ll be sharing:

>> the ONE thing that made the difference between my launches that totally flopped and those that made me thousands in 5 days.
>> how I started advertising when I was broke.
>> my formula for turning each dollar I spend on ads into $3 - $5 of profit.
>> the golden opportunity every launch gives that you can’t afford to miss.

Once you’ve finished watching the training, ​click here to access today’s assignment.

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>> If you won $100,000, how would you spend it?

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