Ready, Set, Launch!
Day 4

Once you’ve completed the video, you can download today’s assignment HERE.

We’ve almost made it! Today is the final day of the Ready, Set, Launch! challenge, and you are this close to having your most profitable launch all planned out and ready to go.

Today’s assignment is a whole lot of fun (at least, in my own humble opinion ? ) because it’s time to figure out exactly how profitable your launch can actually be. (And, honestly, I think you’re going to be pretty pleasantly surprised…)

(Also, today is the day that I get to give away dinner for two at The Cheesecake Factory, so make sure you answer today’s challenge question in the Facebook group to be entered to win!)

Okay, that’s enough of a preamble. Go watch the training >> Profit Projections & Putting It All Together

Once you’ve completed the video, ​you can download today’s assignment HERE​, and you’ll notice that it has two parts: 

>> The first part is all about profit projections. You’ll do a little bit of math (don’t worry — it’s super easy) to estimate how much revenue your launch is capable of producing. 

>> The second part covers how to actually map out your launch, and get everything scheduled on the calendar. Now, for this, you can totally just use a digital calendar (such as Google Calendar), OR you can print out and use the calendars I designed for you. 

You can download the calendars for free ​HERE​. (Warning: there kinda (really) girly. ? I’m sure you’ve noticed a theme…)

I hope you've gotten so much out of this 4-day launch planning challenge! If there's any way we can support you further, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. We're hear to help you succeed!

Here's to your next launch! May it be your most profitable yet. 🙂