$0 to $1M: S1E1

 Finding Your Focus

I expected that growing my business would be a lot of hard work, tough decisions, and at least a few late nights. But what has surprised me the most is what a journey of personal growth it's turned out to be.

In fact, I'd go as far as saying that the lessons I've learned from my entrepreneurial failures have been as valuable as the rewards I've received from the successes.

And in this new series, $0 to $1M, I'm sharing those lessons with YOU.

This first season of three episodes focuses on lessons I learned while struggling to earn my first $1,000.

It took me over three years to earn that first thousand dollars. Partly getting momentum from $0 is tough and partly, well, I did everything wrong.

But, like I said, every mistake I made taught me something, and made me a better, more successful entrepreneur today.

I'm what people like to call a "multi-passionate entrepreneur." Which is a cute way of saying: I have way too many ideas and I'm not very good at sticking to any of them.

But entrepreneurship is a long game; building a business takes continued effort, consistency, and patience.

So how did I find a way to settle down and focus on one thing? In this episode, I'm sharing the story of how I went from a wannabe with a bad case of "entrepreneurial ADD" to a successful, focused business owner.

My hope is that, by sharing my story, you'll find some inspiration and ideas for how you might be able to overcome this challenge yourself — whether to make that initial decision to choose your niche and decide what business to start, OR to refine your business to focus more on one area of specialty.



  • Why it is okay to quit when something is truly no longer working for you
  • How the freedom to explore any topic, with the structure of committing to a regular posting schedule allowed her to find her focus naturally
  • Why you should invest energy before money
  • Concrete action steps for when you’re struggling with too many options or ideas

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