$0 to $1M: S1E3

Making the First $1K in Sales

I was 6 months into my YouTube journey, and my channel had grown to about 15,000 subscribers. I was earning just enough from ad revenue and freelancing that I'd been able to finally quit my day-job. Though, to be honest, we were still barely scraping by and mostly living off of savings.

The time had come to try to launch a digital product to — hopefully! — create a stream of passive income.

The only problem? I'd already tried to launch three digital products, and none of them had been successful.

In Episode 2, I talked about the mistakes I made trying to do a big launch of a project I didn’t know  if people even wanted.

So what did I do differently that finally moved the needle and started generating sales?



  • Why choosing to offer the workshop at a low price eliminated a key variable, but why it’s a choice to be used strategically and sparingly
  • How using the same format with different topics clarified what people were interested in learning about
  • How those quick and dirty live workshops became valuable assets
  • Why focusing on the process instead of a sales goal can be the mindset shift you need

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