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This challenge is for you if...

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    Your past launches have been seriously underwhelming OR you've never launched before
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    You're tired of working your behind off for each individual sale that you make
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    You're ready to take your business to the next level with a successful 5- or 6-figure launch
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    You'd LOVE for your marketing to be fun, compelling, and actually work

Here's how it's going down >>

DAY ONE // An Offer They Can't Refuse
> Figure out exactly which offer your audience will be the most excited to buy.
> Finally feel confident in your pricing decisions.
> Learn my unique strategy for positioning your offer to be irresistible.

DAY TWO // How to Subtly Sell Before You Even Launch
> The science of how to use content to inspire, educate, and cultivate demand.
> How to actually build momentum and anticipation for your launch.
> The secret to making your launch feel a whole lot more like a party and way less like a pushy sale pitch.

DAY THREE // The Vital Step Everyone Conveniently Forgets 
> The most important ingredient of every 6- an 7-figure launch EVER.
> Learn the exact strategies my marketing agency uses to promote our clients biggest promotions (even if they are starting from scratch).
> The golden opportunity every launch gives that you 
can't afford to miss.

DAY FOUR // Profit Projections & Putting It All Together
> Schedule everything you've planned onto an organized calendar.
> Learn the surest way to actually predict the outcome of your launch.
> And, finally, I'll break down the top three things you can do to
5X your launch's profits!

End Result?

In less than a week you'll have mapped out a complete plan to give your stalled business the rocket launch it needs.

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Have you ever launched a product, but it kind of flopped? Maybe only a few people bought (or maybe NOBODY bought) and you were left feeling disappointed? Yeah. Been there. In fact, during the first year of my online business, I had several failed launched. (In fact, I made ZERO sales during the first two.) It was pretty discouraging. But after several more attempts, I finally started to make a few sales. It was still slow, but progress is progress, and I was completely thrilled! Finally, I actually found a system that worked really well! Click to learn more. :)