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Energy Healing

Bertha Bray

TX - Irving, TX

Healing and Coaching

Event Planning

Cynthia Mitchell

NM - Albuquerque NM

Travels A Lot Touring Agency


Cynthia Mitchell

NM - Albuquerque NM

Travels A Lot Touring Agency

Self-Sufficient Living

Susan Mase

TX - Kaufman, TX

Windmill Ridge Independent Living

Author (Books, Short Stories, Old Photos)

Bill Truran

NJ - Hamburg, NJ

Bill Truran, Author

Blogger - Mom, crafts, home, lifestyle

Deborah Kos

Il - Illinois

Deb's Decorative Life

Business Strategy

Gillian Perkins

OR - Salem, Oregon

Gillian Perkins International


Gillian Perkins

OR - Salem, Oregon

Aptus Creative Marketing

Marketing, Digital & Demand

Heather Cooan

Chandler, AZ

Health & Wellness Coaching
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaching

Heather Cooan

Chandler, AZ

HDC Media

Speaker, Motivational

Heather Cooan

Chandler, AZ

HDC Media


James Williams

CT - Clinton, Connecticut

James Williams, Artisan Woodworker

Writer & Speaker

Jen Nipps

OK - Ada, Oklahoma

Jen Nipps Online/JEN Enterprises

Quilting & Tutorials

Karen Brown

Canada - Toronto, ON

Just Get it Done Quilts

Web Design

Lindsey Johnson


Verity & Co.

Author - Self published YA/NA Fantasy, Scifi, Paranormal, Adventure, Romance

Lis Huey

OH - Ohio

Aisazia Creations (Pen name: H.E. Anev)

Artist, illustrator, graphic designer

Lis Huey

OH - Ohio

Aisazia Creations

Video Strategy

Lucy Griffiths

UK - London, United Kingdom

Freelance Writer

Melanie Hernandez

TX - Jarrell, TX

Mel's Dream of Writing

Essential Oils

Miki Sturges


Web Design

Nicole Sauk

FL - Plantation, Florida

Ventus Design Studio

Personal Development Author & Tarot Reader

Pia Edberg

BC - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Less of the Excess Media

Custom hand-lettered and illustrated gifts and decor

Kelli McIntosh

OH - Monroe, Ohio

Mac'N'Fox Designs

Author of crime novels and short stories

Lee Wood

UK - Cambridge, UK

Spanish Language Classes and Resources

Sheila Jagla

CO - Aurora, CO

Sunshine Spanish

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