Gabe Cox, Business coach

Gabe is an author, podcaster, and coach who's passionate about helping entrepreneurs gain clarity, find direction, and make their business dreams come true - through strategy, personalized feedback, and accountability.

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Samantha Harris, Business coach

Samantha Harris is a marketing and sales strategist for online businesses. Her special talents include helping our students find their next client, sharing expertise in our student forums, hyping our students up, and elevating their sales funnels. 

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Tiffany Pichardo, YouTube coach

Tiffany started her own business in 2017. She loves working remotely, spending time on her farm, and homeschooling her children. Tiffany enjoys coaching on YouTube strategies and helping others achieve their YouTube goals.

The Happy Homeschooler

Natalie Burns, Business coach

Natalie is a certified teacher, homeschool business owner, and homesteader who is passionate about personal growth in business building. She focuses on supporting others with the mindset needed to take action on their goals, so they can connect with themselves and others through their pursuits.

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successful launch after a year of feeling stuck....

“Before working with Gabe I had been thinking about launching an online course for about a year. I was making small steps growing my email list, but that's about it. Since I wasn't making much progress on my own, I took the plunge and signed up for monthly strategy calls with Gabe. This has been such an incredible blessing to me! 

With her help, I was able to launch my online course and community. She supported me in moving forward every time we met. She helps me decide what needs to be done next, and she makes a specific task list of things to do before the next call. I can truly say that I would not be where I am today without her help. If you are on the fence about strategy calls, go ahead and take the leap. You will be so grateful you did!”

~ Kristine Bruce, Faustina's Friends

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Here’s what other entrepreneurs are saying about their one-on-one strategy sessions with Gabe

Teresa Osmer

personal trainer

Building confidence in knowing her worth while mapping a clear direction

The one-on-one coaching with Gabe Cox has been by far one of the best resources I have used since joining Startup Society. Starting an online health and fitness business has been a dream of mine that I am finally putting into action. Not knowing what to do first can seem overwhelming, but my coaching sessions with Gabe gave me clear direction and confidence in knowing my worth. Her knowledge and coaching skills are invaluable. I'm so glad that I teamed up with Gabe. She is definitely a cheerleader who will always be in your corner!



business coach

Getting her money's worth with one-on-one coaching

I love working with Gabe! In our one-on-one sessions, she's been the second set of eyes, the other half of my brain, and my thought partner in taking my ideas and my business to the next level. While the content within Startup Society is an amazing curriculum, Gabe has been an amazing coach in helping me implement the content and use it to bring my vision to life. I've gotten more than my money's worth by working with Gabe as my coach inside Startup Society!

Ben Root

Lean Learning


No slacking allowed!

All along I have had one secret guide, trainer, coach and psychologist. Gabe Cox. Truly a "God Send" and I am blessed to have her as my "Master" mind. I'm not suggesting that this is needed by everyone but my tech skills were very low and she helped me structure a way to work with her as a coach and yet be mindful of the $$$. But she also made sure I did the work as a learning exercise. No slack allowed in that area!

Headshot of woman with medium brown, wavy hair, wearing glasses smiling and pressing her hands in front of her. She's wearing a light pink sweater

Lisa Garber

Life Coach M.Ed., CPCC

From chaos to clarity with personalized guidance and accountability

Working with Gabe has really helped me find clarity and motivation for building my business. I so appreciated being able to talk about things that confused me and have her confident and reassuring voice guide me to clarity. And she is a genius for recapping the session and sending it on to me after. It has kept me accountable and sane. Thank you Gabe.

Headshot of a woman smiling with short brown hair, wearing a colorful striped sweater. She's outside with trees in her background

Lorian Adams

Planner Paradise

Launched ahead of schedule with the individualized help

Gabe is a fantastic coach! She's a genius at drawing out of you exactly where you are, where you want to be, and helping you figure out how to get there. I was able to launch months ahead of schedule thanks to Gabe. If you're wanting to make progress faster or get individualized help, I highly recommend coaching!

Headshot of a woman with medium-length brown hair smiling with her mouth closed. She has an arm resting in front of her and an elbow on a ledge with her hand resting behind her head. She's wearing an off-white sweater.

Linda Handley

Fundraising for non-profits

The step-by-step action plans propelled Linda forward

Gabe is helping me navigate the challenges and complexities of running a business. Her insights and vast knowledge and ability to provide step-by-step action plans have been invaluable in propelling my business forward. She brings forth a wealth of knowledge in her direct but understanding way. I highly recommend StartUp Society and Gabe to any entrepreneur or business owner seeking advice. They have been an invaluable asset to my business.

No cookie-cutter approach working with Gabe!

headshot of woman with long dark brown hair with and on her hip and smiling wearing a blue sweater

It’s hard to even know where to start when it comes to talking about my 1-on-1 coaching experience with Gabe!  Gabe is knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and supportive!  She is better than any coach that I could have dreamed up on my own!  Yes. She is THAT good!

The biggest benefit (and relief!) that I get from doing my 1-on-1 coaching with Gabe is that she helps me know exactly what to do next.  She quiets the noise of all that I could be doing and gives me clear, actionable plans for what my next steps are right now that move me in the right direction.  

Through working with Gabe, I save so much time, effort, and money by not looking here, there, and everywhere for answers and solutions.  Truly, 1-on-1 coaching with Gabe is my one-stop shop for the knowledge I need for running my online business!

And, if all of this wasn't enough, Gabe also really listens to what I want in my business, including my work-life balance, and she helps me achieve THAT!  She listens to what I’m saying and also is seasoned enough to listen for what I’m not saying that needs to be uncovered!  Through her skillful listening, she devises individualized recommendations for me and for my business – no cookie-cutter approaches with Gabe!

Thank you, Gabe, from the bottom of my heart!  You are making a huge impact and a huge difference in my life!  I am SO grateful!

~Alicia Cohen, Alicia Cohen Designs

what else can you expect when meeting with your success coach?

1-1 coaching is definitely a good decision for me. It has helped to keep me on track and focused on what I need to do for my business. Gabe has given me lots of good direction, advice and suggestions, and checks in with me outside of our sessions as well. This really helps me with accountability, and talking things through helps me work through things I feel stuck on as well. I can see my business is definitely growing and, now, Gabe is helping me as I work on expanding my business (hiring new staff and creating a new course).

Maureen Wielansky, Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Scheduling a strategy session with Gabe has been invaluable. She has helped me move through mindset blocks and confusion to create simple action steps that empowered me to step into a new business that I didn't see coming. The greatest part? These strategy sessions are not just a one-and-done appointment. Gabe is following up with you within the community, the work session, and with email so you never fall through the cracks.

Denise Wilbanks, This is My Everybody

Scheduling a strategy session with Gabe has been invaluable. She has helped me move through mindset blocks and confusion to create simple action steps that empowered me to step into a new business that I didn't see coming. The greatest part? These strategy sessions are not just a one-and-done appointment. Gabe is following up with you within the community, the work session, and with email so you never fall through the cracks.

Joao António Charomar, Startup Society member

My coaching session was great! I got answers to all my questions and I realised that the coach has a lot of experience in what I am about to do. I felt like I was being guided by someone who has already been where I want to go and that has given me a sense of security. She fueled my motivation and now I am working hard toward achieving my goal. If I get stuck at any point I will turn to her again for help. It is worth booking a one-on-one coaching session because it is more personal.

I had the pleasure of working with Gabe Cox as my coach, and I cannot recommend her enough!

I felt at ease and very comfortable talking with her during our first session. Gabe has a unique ability to really listen and understand challenges and concerns while being fun to connect with. She gave me valuable insights and a clear next step for my business. I started the call feeling overwhelmed, but left with an actionable game plan.

But what I found most valuable was Gabe following up and reaching out to me to see how I was progressing. It felt like she really cared and was interested, which is a HUGE difference from other coaches I've worked with in the past.

I highly recommend Gabe's coaching services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Gabe, for all your support and guidance!

Nathan Hesselman

Career Coach

testimonial screenshot for one-on-one coaching

overcome self-doubt with a plan of action....

“Before working with Gabe, I was lost literally as to the direction I should go with my business. After 2 sessions with her, I’ve managed to get clarity. It’s nice having someone to talk to or who you can ask questions to and get them answered. Having her to talk to made working from home less lonely and very productive since I have some sort of accountability.

She provides simple steps that should be taken after every call. With Gabe, I am in the process of building my online course, something I never thought I would do. I have been very slow to move forward or take action due to self-doubt, but after speaking to her has given me direction and I am moving ahead at full steam with my goals and dreams to create my first course.”

~ Rockell Clement

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what clients are saying about their customized sales funnel audits with Samantha

Andrea Caprio, Wellness Methods

Sam has provided amazing and detailed feedback on my funnel. She really went beyond just offering support. 

so you're feeling a bit stuck and frustrated with your business ...

Would it help if you had someone in your corner who could…

  • Answer questions you’re stuck on (or ask you good questions)? 
  • Provide valuable insight into your business that you may not be seeing?
  • Help you focus on the next right steps and create an easy-to-follow strategy?

If so, look no further! Gillian’s success coaches are ready to help! They will listen to where you’re at, diagnose any problem areas, and create a simple strategy with you so you can move forward in your business with confidence.

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realizing a 400% subscriber increase within a few months of implementing advice from channel audit

After receiving a customized channel audit and completing about 50% of the program’s content, Marta began implementing each change indicated by Gillian and our Channel Success Coaches, no matter how small and menial the suggestion was. Roughly 4-8 weeks after consistently implementing these changes, her channel exploded! One video took off out of nowhere, and within a month, she went from 600 subscribers to 1,500 and met the required watch hours for monetization. 

She actually thought it was a glitch because the growth happened so fast! 

Since that point, she has seen consistent, steady growth and says, It’s not even comparable to the first two years.” Her channel increased by 400% subscribers in just a few months of implementing what she learned from CFT. It may have taken her three years to hit 1,000 subscribers, but within a month and a half after hitting that mark, she more than doubled to 2,300 subs – and her growth isn’t slowing down!

Marta Tancula 

Imperfect Life Balance

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what else are video creators saying about their customized channel audit?

want OUR eyes on YOUR channel?

Many people find that even when they "know" what they need to do to grow on YouTube, they have trouble applying those strategies to their own channel, because... they're just too close!

If you need some objective, external feedback on what you're doing, we'd love to help you out!


A 20-30 minute audit of your YouTube channel, conducted by one of our Startup Success team members -- with clearspecific advice for you to follow.

What are you waiting for? Book your channel audit today!